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Posts tagged ‘Emma’

Photo Friday: Emma, Bailey, and Nina at Yosemite Falls

If you’ve “liked” Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, chances are you’ve seen these three Cavaliers before — reader Priscilla has posted photos of the trio from many of their road trips together (most recently, I think, from the entrance to Canada’s Waterton Glacier International Peace Park). Here are Emma, Bailey, and Nina, artistically arranged in front of Yosemite Falls:

Every picture I’ve seen of these pups has been equally perfect — Priscilla tells me her secret is treats, but I think  … Read more

Photo Friday: Emma at the beach in Maine

Reader Jane sent me this photo of her dog Emma at the ocean’s edge in Maine, about a month ago: “Emma made a beeline for the ocean waves when she realized the yard we were in headed down to the beach.” I love the dog’s-eye view, and I love how fearless Emma is:

Also, I should add that I thoroughly approve of the leash — small dogs and strong ocean waves/currents are not a good combination

I’d love to see how  … Read more