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Posts tagged ‘death’

Shock and electrocution: Leaking voltage is a dog-walking hazard in cities

Photo by fotogail

This is a year-round topic, but it’s particularly relevant in the wintertime, and I feared I had waited too long to write about it. No worries, it turns out — even though spring is on its way on the West Coast, the second major snowstorm in a week is about to engulf the mid-Atlantic states.

Stray voltage is a real but relatively unknown hazard for humans and dogs in urban environments. It’s a problem year-round, but it’s especially  … Read more

New controversy surrounding dog bicycle leashes

In September 2009, San Jose’s Mercury News reported the death of a walker on the Los Alamitos Creek Trail who fell and hit her head when she became entangled in the leash of a passing dog, tethered to a bicyclist. Now San Jose is considering whether dogs tethered to bicycles should be prevented from sharing paths with other users, or whether dogs should be allowed to be tethered to bicycles at all. Another element of the discussion is the victim’s  … Read more