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Posts tagged ‘coat’

Quick giveaway: Chillybuddy Winter Jacket (size Small, blaze orange)

Back in July 2012, I gave away a brand-new Chillybuddy cooling jacket — it was great, but the size Small swam on Chloe. It went in a heartbeat to reader Emily and her pup. At the same time that I ordered the too-big cooling jacket, I also ordered what turned out to be a too-big Chillybuddy winter jacket. I’m a thorough gal.

Why is this picture so blurry? Why???

Like its summer colleague, this winter jacket is about 19″ long from  … Read more

Keeping your dog cool this summer: Chloe’s Zentek jacket

I’ve met Janice Kajanoff, owner of Zentek, and chatted with her about her company’s products and plans while she fitted Chloe with her new jacket (yes, each is tailored to fit, and since I bought Chloe’s jacket when she was a puppy, we had to have two fittings). I admire Janice’s moxie and I’ve enjoyed our chats — I don’t think that’s affected what I think of her products, but you should know about the connection.

Just over a year ago,  … Read more

Chloe’s Closet: Useful clothing for small dogs

I recently mentioned that I had culled Chloe’s wardrobe and was mourning over her Wagwear Quilted Vest. I thought it might be helpful to know what clothing Chloe does have, and why, in case you’re trying to figure out what your small dog might need. (I won’t be much help with decorative clothing — I know lots of small dog owners enjoy puppy bling, and I’ve got no problem with it as long as an outfit or costume doesn’t cause  … Read more

Chloe’s Closet: Down-filled dog jacket

It’s still fall, but winter is coming. I’ve just weeded through Chloe’s modest wardrobe, and discovered that her current harness won’t work with her fabulous new Wagwear quilted, “sheepskin”-lined jacket. Argh! I was counting on that jacket, since it’s perfect for Seattle winter weather. A dog with a thinner or shorter coat, however, might want something warmer, and even Chloe, in a New York City winter storm last year, could have upgraded. During that storm I saw a couple of  … Read more