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In-cabin pets and pet allergies: A guest post on CheapOair

This is a quick post to tell you what you already know, if you follow Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page: I wrote a guest post for CheapOair (a budget travel site that also has a popular blog) about in-cabin pets and passengers with pet allergies. Facebook entries scroll away into oblivion — this is really just a bookmark, to keep track of a post I don’t want to lose, but do please check out the CheapOair post and leave a comment  … Read more

Taking an in-cabin dog to Hawaii: Breaking news from Alaska Airlines

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited about a piece of dog travel news. I opened an update for Alaska Airline’s “Traveling with Pets” policy, and read that as of today, August 15, 2011, Alaska “will accept cats and dogs only for travel to and from Hawaii” (emphasis in the original). I kept reading, waiting for the inevitable sentence saying that in-cabin pets are not allowed, and it never appeared — so I called the airline, and  … Read more