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SHOLDIT travel scarf: Alternative way to stow stuff you’ll need while flying

It’s a problem I’ve been writing about since I started this blog: Travelers with pet dogs are typically limited by airlines to a pet carrier and a small personal item (or, more rarely, to a pet carrier and a carry-on), and once you’ve stowed your pet under your seat, there’s typically no room next to her for anything else — so either you spend your flight, especially a turbulent flight, looking hopelessly up at the overhead compartment or you come up with some way  … Read more

Reader’s tip for flying with an anxious dog: Chocolate (plus a report on Delta’s carry-on policy)

Reader Hannah left a comment, oh, so long ago, on my post about the major U.S. airlines’ carry-on policies, reporting a conversation that she’d had with a Delta rep about traveling with her pup Oliver from Asia to the U.S. Kindly overlooking the fact that I only responded, ahem, two months later, she posted a follow-up report about their trip. The carry-on part is interesting, but I’m putting it at the end because the part that knocked my socks off  … Read more

International airlines’ carry-on policies regarding your pet’s carrier

I’m reposting this summary of the major international airlines’ policies regarding how your pet’s in-cabin carrier fits into your carry-on allowance because it’s been updated, and I’ve moved the info into a table, which is much easier to navigate than the list I originally provided. As in the U.S. airlines version I posted yesterday, each airline’s name is also a link to that airline’s pet policy page.

This Monday, I wrote a post about the major U.S. airlines’ policies regarding how your  … Read more

Good news for travelers with in-cabin pets: Changes in U.S. airlines’ carry-on policies regarding your pet’s carrier

I’ve updated this post (which originally went up on 7/30/12) with a chart. I think it’s easier to follow than the list approach I started with. Please note that the airline name is also a link to that airline’s pet policy page, so you can easily refer to the airline’s own site.

When I began flying with Chloe, nearly four years ago, U.S. airlines that allowed pets in-cabin stipulated that your pet’s carrier took the place of your carry-on bag, leaving  … Read more

PetEgo’s Pet Dome: A carry-on lounge for your in-cabin dog

In September 2009, I wrote a quick post about a PetEgo carrier that I yearned for but didn’t actually need: the Pet at Work Travel System, a backpack that holds a laptop and a small dog and a collapsible crate. And there it might have ended, but for reader Christie, who wrote to me and asked whether I thought it might work as an in-cabin carrier for their dog, traveling with them to Paris. As you’ll see in the comments,  … Read more

SCOTTeVEST Travel Vest: Carrying all the stuff you can’t get to in the overhead bin

A long time ago, I told you about my love for the Filson Travel Vest, and how it improves flying with an in-cabin dog. You stow all the gear you’re likely to need during flight in its vast pockets, and you’ll never miss your purse or backpack, out of reach in the overhead compartment. Normally, of course, you’d put your bag with that essential gear under your seat — but your dog is there, so you can’t. Or perhaps you’d  … Read more

Traveling by plane with an in-cabin dog: Simplify boarding

In an earlier post, I talked about boarding a plane with your dog: When you get to your seat, extract from your Small Personal Item the things you’re likely to need before the seat belt sign goes off (book, pillow, iPod, water, collapsible bowl, dog treats, etc.), and stow your dog under the seat in front of you.

In practice (and I’ve been practicing a lot recently), this is really time-consuming and awkward, especially if you’re traveling alone, or if your  … Read more

Continental Airlines: On-line in-cabin pet booking

Continental Airlines also allows on-line reservations for pets that will travel in-cabin with you — and unlike Northwest, Continental allows you to add the pet to your initial Flight Search, so that the list of flights that are ultimately offered to you for consideration can all accommodate your dog (the flights that aren’t eligible for in-cabin pet travel are marked in red).

Here’s what you do: At Continental’s home page, click on the “Reservations” tab and select “Make Flight Reservation.” The  … Read more

Northwest Airlines: On-line in-cabin pet booking

Normally, if you’re traveling with a dog you plan to carry on you either have to make your entire reservation over the phone to ensure that there’s space on your plane(s) for an in-cabin pet, or make your reservation on-line and call back to add your dog to your reservation. The first option is expensive (a lot of airlines now charge a fee for phone reservations) and the second option is a bit risky, because you don’t know if there’s  … Read more

Airplane carriers for in-cabin pet travel

Please note that this post refers to maximum carrier sizes accepted for in-cabin pet travel by the leading U.S. airlines.

Chloe in her SturdiBag (Large)

We bought SturdiProducts’ large-sized pet carrier in the belief that it was just barely acceptable to most airlines. We now know that it’s too big (12Hx18Lx12W). On the bright side, its support struts are very flexible, so it does, in fact, fit under every seat we’ve encountered (and Chloe’s been fine — the carrier has a  … Read more