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Photo Friday: Chloe and Lake Washington

We love to travel, but not so much in the summertime, when Seattle is perfection itself. Why would we leave? This photo is of Chloe enjoying the view from Capitol Hill over Lake Washington, the body of water just east of downtown Seattle.

Chloe’s short, frankly, so she needed the extra height my husband’s lap provided to see past the trees.

The big building above Chloe’s ears is the reconstructed Husky Stadium at the University of Washington, and if I  … Read more

Interlaken Park: A dog-friendly forest in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood

How embarrassing! I’ve lived on Capitol Hill in Seattle for five years now, and only this past weekend discovered the trailhead for Interlaken Park, a 51-acre chunk of forest in the middle of a very urban neighborhood. Normally when Chloe and I reach the five-way intersection at Galer and 19th Avenue E., we head east to walk past the beautiful homes between 19th and 23rd. Last Friday, though, we turned north instead, and found a bit of dog heaven. The  … Read more

Seattle farmers markets: Some are dog-friendly, others aren’t

Photo by the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance

I thought I’d get this post in before the end (sob!) of the farmers market season. Seattle has farmers markets in various neighborhoods every day of the week. Seven of the most popular markets are organized into the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance: Capitol Hill (Broadway), Columbia City, University District, West Seattle, Magnolia, Phinney Ridge and Lake City. Some markets allow dogs to join their owners, and some don’t. The Alliance not only  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

The first link I gathered this past week, courtesy of @pettravelcom, was an article from The Philadelphia Inquirer about how the author connected with Italians on a recent visit by photographing their dogs. It really speaks to me — we added Chloe to our lives because we wanted pet company on our travels, but I’ve since learned that traveling with her is a wonderful way to meet people, and to meet them at their unguarded best.

The links that followed were  … Read more

Another dog-friendly Seattle restaurant: Poppy

Sunday's 10-item thali

Poppy opened in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood just over a year ago, in a blaze of glory. Chef Jerry Traunfeld had been at The Herbfarm, a legendary local restaurant, for years; had left The Herbfarm; his fans were on tenterhooks…and then Poppy appeared at the north end of Broadway, serving eclectic, delicious food in an unusual format. Each diner gets a “thali,” or tray, of small dishes — including a couple of entrées, maybe a soup,  … Read more

Two more dog-friendly Seattle restaurants: Chutneys and Vios

Summertime has finally arrived in Seattle, and the restaurants have activated their outside dining. That’s good news for us and for Chloe, because we don’t have air conditioning and there are days when I’d sooner stick forks in my eyes than cook — and when we go out to dinner, Chloe gets another walk. In the past, I’ve told you about a number of dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, including Monsoon, Olympic Pizza, Samui Thai and Volunteer Park  … Read more

Dog jaunt: Three hidden attractions on Seattle’s Capitol Hill

I’ve told you in the past about Volunteer Park, which serves as a front lawn for Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood — leashed dogs are welcome, and it’s a lovely place for a stroll. I’ve also mentioned that you can wander the neighborhood streets, particularly Millionaire’s Row and the Harvard-Belmont Historic District, ogling the gorgeous old houses. All well and good, you say, but give me more — so here are three hidden places to discover with your leashed dog.

Start your  … Read more

Seattle’s Volunteer Park: Not off-leash, but dog-friendly

Photo by Joe Szilagyi

Volunteer Park is a 48-acre oasis in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The land was originally used as a cemetery, but in 1887 the graves were relocated a short distance northwards, to Lake View Cemetery. The park now includes the Seattle Asian Art Museum (housed in a magnificent 1933 Art Moderne building designed by Carl Gould), a lovely 1912 conservatory, a 1906 water tower (climb to the top for a fine view) overlooking a reservoir, and  … Read more

Seattle dog-friendly restaurant: Volunteer Park Café

The Volunteer Park Café is a gem — a corner café just two blocks east of Volunteer Park in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, with fantastic baked goods from co-owner Heather and fantastic everything else from co-owner Ericka. They serve breakfast and lunch every day except Monday, and dinner every day except Sunday and Monday. It’s comfortable, casual, and friendly, and the sidewalk tables and steps in front of the café are always cluttered with dogs. There are bowls of water,  … Read more

Seattle dog-friendly restaurant: Samui Thai

I write this on behalf of my husband, who loves Thai food (I am deathly allergic to nuts, so no Thai restaurants for me, alas). Our neighborhood has two Thai restaurants, and the one my husband prefers is Samui Thai. Samui has a big front deck, recently painted a cheerful turquoise — it’s a nice, sunny location in Capitol Hill’s quiet 15th Ave. business district. When my husband arrived there  … Read more