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Posts tagged ‘canine’

Airport security line issue: Traveling pets and the TSA canine teams

Two flights ago, I was progressing through the security line with Chloe in her carrier over my shoulder, and a TSA screening dog came up from behind us with his or her handler. The dog stopped briefly, clearly (to me) having noticed Chloe’s presence, and the handler (also briefly, thank goodness) tensed up. I waggled my shoulder with the carrier in the handler’s direction and said something like “there’s a pup in here,” and the team continued down the line.  … Read more

When in Rome: Gelato for dogs, and where to find it

In this week’s Chloe’s Clicks, I included a link to a Washington Post story and video about canine gelato (no eggs, milk or sugar) that’s being sold in Rome (currently experiencing temps in the low 90’s). Neither link — nor any other I could find — included the essential info: What stores are selling the doggie gelato cups? So I asked my friend Jessica Spiegel, a travel writer specializing in all things Italy (and Portland, too! she’s responsible for a  … Read more