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Christopher Elliott on pet travel: That’s ridiculous!

Last year, Christopher Elliott, a consumer advocate for travelers, wrote an article about pet travel that I chose to ignore. Entitled “Traveling with pets can be pricey,” its main points were: Airlines and many hotels charge substantial fees for pets; and it’s not fair to dodge those costs by sneaking your pet onto a plane or into a hotel. Up to that point, our hearts beat as one — but then he tossed in an argument that pet owners should  … Read more

Why travel with a dog at all?

I’ve touched on this topic from time to time, but for some reason a relatively harmless article posted on prompted me to crack my knuckles, fire up a new page on WordPress, and come to grips with the question. Perhaps it’s because the author’s tone was so reasonable: Why, he asks, would you want to bring your dog to Oaxaca, Mexico? Traveling with a dog, Mr. Starkman says, will restrict your hotel choices, will prevent you from doing a  … Read more