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Posts tagged ‘bottle’

The Gulpy dog water bottle: Redesigned, now in two sizes

I have loved Chloe’s Gulpy water bottle since we bought our first one over two years ago. As I said when I first reviewed it, it’s a simple product that does its job really well. The only feature I didn’t like was its plastic clip, meant to be hooked over a waistband. I also wished, in a mild way, that the bottle could be stood solidly on its base, rather than teetering on the rounded end of the water dish  … Read more

H2O4K9 reprise: The smaller water bottle

Just over a year ago, I reviewed H2O4K9’s gorgeous new water bottle for dogs. I loved some of its features, particularly its flat bottom and the way it can be hooked onto a belt loop or bag with a carabiner. On balance, though, it didn’t convince me to change over from the Gulpy dog water bottles we’d been using. Since then, H2O4K9 has come out with a water bottle targeted at small dogs, so naturally I had to buy one.

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Pet Top water bottle adapter for dog drinking

I loved the idea of this adapter, and eagerly screwed it on to a handy bottle of Arrowhead bottled water as soon as it arrived. For the life of me, I can’t make it work well. You’re supposed to turn the bottle over and hold it vertically, with the top unscrewed as little as possible (while still allowing sufficient water through). Your dog laps at a ball which rolls and dispenses sips of water. It’s a large version of a  … Read more