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Photo Friday: Chloe, relieved that Bone Voyage is getting good reviews

Chloe’s been a bundle of nerves since the book was published (I’m talking about Bone Voyage, the new Dog Jaunt book — read all about it here and buy it here!). You know how high-strung Cavaliers can be — and by now, the Cavalier owners among you know how much I’m lying….

Truth be told, I’ve been a bundle of nerves, but no longer. Four people have left reviews on Amazon as of this afternoon, and they’ve all been very positive. Phew! But the fact  … Read more

Celebrating Chloe’s birthday with the release of Dog Jaunt’s book!

That’s right, there are two reasons to smile today — Chloe turns five (5), and Bone Voyage, Dog Jaunt’s brand-new book about traveling with your pet, is now available on Kindle!

Next on the to-do list is getting it to you in other e-book formats, and in publish-on-demand paper copies, but we thought we’d start with Kindle.

Don’t have a Kindle, but do have some other device (laptop, phone, tablet)? You can read Kindle books on just about anything, it  … Read more

Review and giveaway: Alastair Sawday’s Dog-friendly Breaks in Britain

In 1994, Alastair Sawday began publishing guides aimed at travelers seeking “special” travel lodging experiences — meaning, as the Alastair Sawday’s site explains, places with warmth, charm, authenticity, humor and style. The Alastair Sawday’s catalog now includes several dozen guidebooks, and a very useful website, focusing on places to stay in Europe (Britain, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain) and Morocco.

The most recent addition to the list is Alastair Sawday’s Special Places to Stay: Dog-friendly Breaks in Britain, and the  … Read more