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Helping your house-trained dog stay house-trained while traveling

Photo by Poochie Bells

We recently faced up to the fact that Chloe is not yet perfectly house-trained. Too often, we’d get complacent and then find that she’d snuck off to the basement or another distant room to pee or poop. The problem is that we live in a large house, and while she’s good as gold in the rooms she sees all the time, she must regard lesser-used rooms as being, in effect, outside. Our solution? Poochie Bells,  … Read more

Travel tip: Practice ahead of time with pee pads

Photo by jpcorreacarvalho

In an earlier post, I passed on a tip about surviving a long plane trip with your in-cabin dog: If she starts sending signals that she really, really has to go, carry her to the plane’s bathroom, spread out scented pee pads, and be sure to clean up afterwards. Finally I had to take my own advice — after a six-hour flight, we had only a half hour in Dulles to make our next flight, and  … Read more

Pet relief area at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) — International Terminal or Terminal 1

On the bright side, SFO is an airport that (a) has pet relief areas, and (b) is willing to reveal their locations. They’re on the SFO airport map (look at the interactive map and click on “services” and “Animal Relief Areas”), and upon inquiry you’ll get written directions too. Unfortunately, SFO is a complicated place, so the map isn’t very helpful, and the written directions — well, good effort, but “one is located between Terminal 1 and the International Terminal  … Read more

Tip for long plane flights with a small dog

So far, the longest flights Chloe has taken have been about 5-6 hours long. Traveling to Europe or Asia, however, will take almost twice as long. What if I miscalculate my ice cube rations, and she has to pee en route? I recently came across this suggestion: Carry a stack of wee wee pads with you (and this time, you want the scented ones, that prompt your dog to pee on the pad). If you see your dog showing signs  … Read more

JFK T5 pet relief area

T5 pet relief area

We flew on JetBlue from Seattle to JFK this morning, and had the pleasure of seeing Terminal 5 (or “T5”) for the first time. Very sleek, good stores and restaurants, and, at the baggage claim level, easy-to-follow signs to the easily-located pet relief area. Glorioski! The pet relief area is right next to baggage carousel 6 — in fact, where carousel 7 would be, if carousel 7 existed. It’s pretty large and completely fenced, with  … Read more