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Reader’s report: Pet relief area at Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO)

Reader Kate posted a note this week on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page about the pet relief area at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and kindly agreed that I could turn it into a quick blog post, so it wouldn’t disappear into the mists of Facebook. She reported that she and her daughter and pup Lambert located one of two pet relief areas at RNO (called, bless ’em, the “Gate K-9 Bark Park”):

There is one on each end of the terminal. The signage  … Read more

Reader’s report: Pet relief area at Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier International Airport (YOW)

Reader Gery wrote to me following a month-long business trip to Ottawa — he had to leave his wife and pup behind, but he was thinking of his family (and fellow travelers with dogs) as he passed through Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, and he looked for YOW’s pet relief area. The airport’s website [click on “Pets”] says that there is an official, “clearly marked” pet relief area “across the street from the passenger terminal (level 1) near the south end of the  … Read more

Update on Hartford’s Bradley International Airport (BDL) pet relief area

You may have seen my disgusted review, back in May, of the pet relief area at Hartford’s Bradley International Airport. David White, BDL’s Operations Manager (Landside), recently sent me an e-mail assuring me that things have changed. Here’s the info: BDL now has two pet relief areas, one located in a corner of the lot pictured in my May 2012 post, and the other is at the opposite end of Terminal A.

I have just spent over an hour on the  … Read more

Pet relief area at Greenville, SC’s Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP)

Southwest flies into the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, so I chose to fly there for a recent trip to Asheville, NC (the scenery between Greenville and Asheville was so lovely that the hour and a half drive felt much shorter). There is no mention of a pet relief area on GSP’s website, and when I inquired at the airport police station, I was told just to use one of the many patches of grass outside.

You’ll deplane on the upper level of  … Read more

Reader’s report: Pet relief area at Dallas’s Love Field Airport (DAL)

Reader Cheri, traveling with pups Lexie and Madison (a 5 lb. Maltese and a 7 lb. Yorkie, respectively), wrote to tell me that not all Dallas airports have heinous pet relief areas (I had posted an outraged report about the ones I found at DFW’s Terminal D). Dallas’s Love Field Airport has “a great pet relief area,” Cheri tells me, and it’s easy to find, too: “Exit the last baggage claim door, turn right, and you can’t miss it.”

DAL now  … Read more

Pet relief area at New York’s Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) — Terminal A

Like the website for LaGuardia Airport, the website for Newark merely states that pet relief areas are available. It’s up to you to “[f]ollow the signs in the baggage claim areas or ask a Customer Care Representative for information.”

When I arrived at the baggage claim level of Terminal A, I couldn’t find a single sign. Later, when I had returned from the pet relief area and was looking instead for the bus into Manhattan, I did see this one lone  … Read more

Pet relief area at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) — Terminal D (Delta Terminal)

The website for New York’s LaGuardia Airport refers to the airport’s pet relief areas, but doesn’t provide any details about how to find them: “All passenger terminals at the Port Authority’s airports provide these areas to conform with the federal Air Carrier Access Act, which mandates such areas for service animals who travel with air passengers. Signs featuring the international symbol for pet relief designate the areas.”

We recently flew out of LaGuardia on Delta, so this post is about the  … Read more

Pet relief area at Hartford’s Bradley International Airport (BDL)

Hartford’s Bradley International Airport has such a modest website that I expected a modest airport too — but although older buildings suggest that it was once very modest indeed, BDL’s current main building is large and attractive. This is an airport with plans for the future, it seems — and I surely do hope that they include a better pet relief area, because this is one of the lamest I’ve encountered. [9/13/12 Today’s blog post updates this information with news  … Read more

Pet relief areas at Mineta San José International Airport (SJC)

I haven’t flown into or out of San José since we got Chloe (which is a terrible shame, because, like Oakland’s airport, it’s a huggable alternative to the beast that is SFO), so I was happy to get an e-mail from an SJC marketing rep telling me about the airport’s pet relief areas. Here’s what I’ve learned from her messages and photos, and from Google Maps — keep in mind that I haven’t visited them yet myself, so this is  … Read more

Reader’s report: Pet relief areas at Sacramento International Airport (SMF) and Bellingham International Airport (BLI)

This week on Dog Jaunt is, clearly, brought to you by Jen and Troy, who also sent a couple of paragraphs about the pet relief areas they found on their trip to California’s Shenandoah Valley wine country last summer.

Sacramento International Airport

According to the SMF website, the airport has two pet relief areas: “The Terminal A Pet Relief Area is located immediately behind the Southwest Airlines curbside check-in area. The Central Terminal B Pet Relief Area is located in the grass  … Read more