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Posts tagged ‘bath’

Tub faucet adapter for washing your dog

Photo by Homz

No matter how short the trip, Chloe invariably becomes filthy at some point and requires a bath. Most of the time, it’s no problem, since nearly every place we stay has a shower — and with a small dog, a shower’s all you need. Pick her up and hold her under the water until she’s wet, set her down and lather her up, then pick her up and rinse her off. Easy! Every so often, though,  … Read more

ShamWow! superabsorbent dog towel

On every trip we’ve taken with Chloe, she’s needed to have at least one bath. A puppy layette list we saw included a “superabsorbent” towel, but it’s taken us a while to find the one that works best. (It’s kinder to your hosts to bring your own dog towels, and a good dog towel will do a better job than a terry cloth towel anyway.)

My first effort was a Soggy Paws towel, which is adorable and has useful pockets at  … Read more