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Photo Friday: Motorcycle carrier, giveaway winner, and new giveaway!

I saw this man, accompanied by a friend, park his Harley just below The Doctor’s Office in Friday Harbor, WA (the source of excellent breakfast sandwiches, frothed OJ, pastries and ice cream). I looked away for a moment, and when I looked back, they were walking with a Yorkshire Terrier. Where, I thought, had the Yorkie come from? As we were heading home, we passed the motorcycle, and its owner showed me how he’d rigged up a carrier out of  … Read more

Another great travel toy:’s felted toy balls

Almost a year ago, I reported that Chloe was enjoying her new felted wool ball — and that it was a perfect travel toy, because it won’t harm hotel walls and doesn’t make noise when it bounces and ricochets. More recently, I told you that my love was fading, because Chloe had learned to settle down with her felt ball toys and chew off bits of the wool she’d managed to tease off the surface.

Then I went to the BlogPaws  … Read more

Hol-ee Roller: Great travel toy for a small dog

Photo by JW Pet Company

I’m always on the lookout for toys that travel well — in particular, ball-like toys that Chloe enjoys fetching but that don’t damage hotel room walls or make an unholy racket. In the past, I’ve told you about felted balls (with instructions for making them yourself!), but I’ve started to lose the love now that Chloe knows she can settle down with them and chew off loose bits of the felting.

Currently at the top of  … Read more

Make a felted ball toy for your dog

Photo by electricnude

I’m watching Chloe play with the insanely expensive felted ball I just brought home for her. It’s her second one — the first is doing just fine, but this one is destined to go into her travel suitcase. They are perfect travel toys, because you can fling them around a room or house and they won’t do any damage to the walls, and they’re quiet (so you won’t wake up the person in the neighboring hotel room).  … Read more