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Dog Jaunt’s 4th anniversary, and a birthday gift-away (Smart Space pet carrier)

Photo by Till Westermeyer

Four years ago, in the very first post I wrote for Dog Jaunt, I said that “I first started gathering all this information for my own use, but soon realized that there must be other pet owners out there who have the same questions I did. I hope that Dog Jaunt will answer your questions and motivate you to bring your dog with you on your next trip — whether it’s on a picnic in  … Read more

Dog Jaunt’s second anniversary!

It’s been two years now since I hit the “publish” button on my first Dog Jaunt post. Since then, I’ve written over 550 posts (and some of you have written posts for me!), and I still haven’t run out of things to say about traveling with a small dog. Happily, too, I still think that traveling with Chloe is way more fun than traveling without her. Our most ambitious trip with her to date, to Paris for a two-week visit,  … Read more

Dog Jaunt’s one-year anniversary!

Photo by Theresa Thompson

Well, to be honest, it was yesterday (April 11), which makes today the infinitely more poetic “year-and-a-day” anniversary of my blog. It started as a place to collect a lot of information I’d gathered in the course of taking several trips with our brand-new puppy. I was an English major, so my first impulse is always to buy a Moleskine notebook and write stuff down — but my husband is a software guy, and he  … Read more