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Interstate travel and health certificates, including U.S. airlines’ requirements

Please note that Alaska Airlines has changed its policy re health certificate for in-cabin pets three times since early December 2014. Here’s my most recent post about this maddening situation. Since I’ve learned that Things Change, often Without Warning, I urge you to click on the link I’ve provided for each airline name to double-check the current policy.

The first thing to know is that individual states make their own rules about the movement of pets across their borders. The USDA’s APHIS (Animal  … Read more

Bringing a pet into the United States: A reader’s research

Last week I posted a report by reader Marianne about her return to the U.S. from Ireland with her Miniature Poodle. I referenced a post I’d written in October 2010 about the hoops you need to jump through to import a pet. This weekend, I returned to my in-box and found a gem of a message on the same topic, from reader Susan — she’s a lawyer, bless her, so when she’s confronted with a collection of odd federal and  … Read more

Which seat works best with an in-cabin dog? [Alaska 737-800]

I don’t fly on Alaska or Horizon, so I was thrilled when a Dog Jaunt reader took the time to measure not only the spaces around her (she’d been upgraded to First Class) but also the under-seat spaces in Coach Class. She was traveling on an Alaska 737 (800 series) between Puerto Vallarta and San Francisco. Here’s what she reported:

In First Class, there is room for a pet carrier in the open space between the two seats (she spoke with  … Read more

Flying with an in-cabin dog: Adding a dog to your plane reservation

A couple of days ago, we bought tickets on JetBlue to travel to New York City later this summer. I have to go to a conference, we both want to see some friends — five days should cover it, right? Well, it’s a six-day trip now, because after I made our on-line reservations I called back to add Chloe to my ticket (as I always do), and learned that our outgoing flight already had its full complement of in-cabin pets  … Read more

New Dog Jaunt guide: Chart of international airlines’ policies for in-cabin pets

I’m pleased to announce that Dog Jaunt’s “Guides” section now includes a chart setting out the highlights of the major international airlines’ policies for in-cabin pets. I’ve also added it to Dog Jaunt’s sister site, called Pet Carrier Reviews (which has been accumulating more crate and carrier reviews to look at!).

Things that caught my attention: Several of the airlines allow in-cabin pets to travel in slightly larger carriers than U.S. airlines generally do: Air Canada, Air France, Asiana, KLM and  … Read more