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Which seat works best with an in-cabin dog? [Delta 757-200 (5500 Series)]

Delta has a variety of 757-200 planes, and the seat pocket card only identified our plane as a 757-200(N). I can tell you, though, that it had eight door exits and no window exits, which narrows the field down a bit. We were in row 28, and there were 4 rows behind us to an exit door — and that indicates to me that we were in a 5500 Series plane.

As on other 757s, you enter from the side, behind  … Read more

Which seat works best with an in-cabin dog? [United 757-200]

No room for a dog in First Class

This is only a partial report because you board a 757 (in this case, a -200 series) from the side, and hoi polloi never see First Class. I hope that someday I’ll travel First Class on a United 757 or (more likely) that a kind reader will post the measurements I couldn’t get for you. [10/3/10 My husband recently traveled on a United 757-200 in First Class, and although he didn’t  … Read more