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Which seat works best with an in-cabin dog? [Delta 757-200 (75S) series]

Delta has many, many versions of this plane, but I believe we flew on this particular configuration (seat plan courtesy of SeatGuru), with the Delta Comfort+ seats starting at Row 18, cattywampus to the bathroom (an unusually pleasant one, with — how brilliant — rounded doors, giving you the pleasant illusion of having more space).

In recent years, I’ve shunned Delta. Their seat pitch had become ludicrously small for me, and crippling for my husband, so in a grand gesture, I  … Read more

Reader’s report: Large SturdiBag on three domestic United flights (737-700, 737-800, and 757-200)

Reader Heather recently sent Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page a series of quick reports from the air about the under-seat spaces she and her pup encountered on several domestic United flights.  She kindly agreed that I could re-post them here (thanks, Heather!). Not being an obsessed dog travel blogger, Heather didn’t have a tape measure on hand, but you can get an idea of the spaces involved if you know that her pet was traveling in a large SturdiBag carrier, which is essentially  … Read more

Photo of Chloe’s large SturdiBag on a United 757-200

Too many times in the past, I posted airplane under-seat measurements without including a picture of Chloe’s carrier installed under my seat, but slowly I’m filling in the missing pieces. Today’s photos are of her carrier on a United 757-200. For the measurements of that under-seat space, see this earlier post.

The first photo is of her large SturdiBag under an Economy Plus window seat on the port side of the plane (Seat 9A):

I chose to orient her carrier front-to-back,  … Read more

Which seat works best with an in-cabin dog? [Delta 757-200 (5500 Series)]

Delta has a variety of 757-200 planes, and the seat pocket card only identified our plane as a 757-200(N). I can tell you, though, that it had eight door exits and no window exits, which narrows the field down a bit. We were in row 28, and there were 4 rows behind us to an exit door — and that indicates to me that we were in a 5500 Series plane.

As on other 757s, you enter from the side, behind  … Read more

Which seat works best with an in-cabin dog? [United 757-200]

No room for a dog in First Class

This is only a partial report because you board a 757 (in this case, a -200 series) from the side, and hoi polloi never see First Class. I hope that someday I’ll travel First Class on a United 757 or (more likely) that a kind reader will post the measurements I couldn’t get for you. [10/3/10 My husband recently traveled on a United 757-200 in First Class, and although he didn’t  … Read more