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Peeing en route

Reader’s report and tips: A trip to Northern California’s Shenandoah Valley wine country

This is my lowest moment as a blogger. Reader Jennifer, the source of two terrific reports in 2011 (a review of Bellevue, WA’s Sheraton Hotel, and suggestions for dog-friendly activities in and near Bellingham, WA), sent me this report last August. Yes, that’s August 2011. It won’t surprise you that one of my resolutions for 2012 is to defeat my in-box, and this is where the war begins.

Jen and Troy, you’ll recall, own a captivating Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named  … Read more

Hotels, airports, airplanes: Teaching Chloe to use pee pads

When Chloe arrived in our home, we skipped the pee pad part of house-training. We have a (very small) side yard, so when the moment seemed right (and yes, often just after the right moment), we’d whisk her outside. I never regretted that approach until the day we were flying from Seattle to Florida with Chloe and didn’t have a sufficiently long layover to go out to the airport’s pet relief area. Taking my own advice, I blanketed the floor  … Read more

Travel tip: Practice ahead of time with pee pads

Photo by jpcorreacarvalho

In an earlier post, I passed on a tip about surviving a long plane trip with your in-cabin dog: If she starts sending signals that she really, really has to go, carry her to the plane’s bathroom, spread out scented pee pads, and be sure to clean up afterwards. Finally I had to take my own advice — after a six-hour flight, we had only a half hour in Dulles to make our next flight, and there  … Read more

Accidents happen: Keeping your pet’s carrier clean with DryFur inserts

You may balk at paying $6 for each of these inserts, but they do their job perfectly. The idea is that if your dog has an accident in her carrier, a pad will absorb the pee and you can whisk out the soiled pad and dispose of it. Previously, when traveling by plane, I’d put an unscented wee-wee pad under the padded insert at the bottom of Chloe’s carrier, and another on top. In went Chloe, and immediately the top  … Read more

Tip for long plane flights with a small dog

So far, the longest flights Chloe has taken have been about 5-6 hours long. Traveling to Europe or Asia, however, will take almost twice as long. What if I miscalculate my ice cube rations, and she has to pee en route? I recently came across this suggestion: Carry a stack of wee wee pads with you (and this time, you want the scented ones, that prompt your dog to pee on the pad). If you see your dog showing signs  … Read more