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Airport pet relief areas

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport pet relief areas

MSP pet relief area (Lindbergh Terminal)

To find the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) pet relief area for the Lindbergh Terminal, go to the baggage claim level and exit Door 1. Follow the orange signs, which lead you to a small, partially-fenced space lined with soft wood chips. There are poop bags and a bench for humans, and there are several rocks, positioned vertically to appeal to male dogs. It’s minimal, and really too small for more than one  … Read more

Pet relief areas at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) doesn’t have any official pet relief areas [please see 8/3/12 update about ORD’s pet relief areas], but it has two large and useful patches of grass that make up for it.

Whether you arrive at Terminal 1, 2 or 3, your best bet is to exit at the baggage claim level and find the lawn surrounding the airport Hilton. It’s directly across from Terminal 2; you’ll have to walk to the right a bit if you arrive  … Read more

Memphis International Airport pet relief area

MEM lawn near Door A1

Memphis International Airport (MEM) does not have an official pet relief area. [5/15/16 Alert reader Bob has advised me that there’s good news from MEM: The airport now not only has a pet relief area, it has three of them, and they’re the convenient kind, located on the air side of security (rather than requiring dogs and their people to exit and reenter the airport. More info about their locations in this article.]  It  … Read more

Seattle airport outdoor pet relief area (North end of baggage claim)

I thought it wasn’t possible for an airport pet relief area to be any nastier than Denver’s, but I was wrong. I learned last night that here in my own city, the airport pet relief area is seriously grim. There’s only one outdoor pet relief area, and it’s located at the far northern end of the arrivals level. [7/13/13 Sea-Tac has created a second outdoor pet relief area since this post was written, located at the opposite, southern end of  … Read more

JFK T5 pet relief area

T5 pet relief area

We flew on JetBlue from Seattle to JFK this morning, and had the pleasure of seeing Terminal 5 (or “T5”) for the first time. Very sleek, good stores and restaurants, and, at the baggage claim level, easy-to-follow signs to the easily-located pet relief area. Glorioski! The pet relief area is right next to baggage carousel 6 — in fact, where carousel 7 would be, if carousel 7 existed. It’s pretty large and completely fenced, with  … Read more