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Phone dog apps

Four iPhone pet resources apps: Fido Factor, PawTrotter, Dog Parks Bay Area, and Dog Park Finder

To date, I’ve reviewed petcentric places, PetMD Finder and Off Leash. Here are four more iPhone apps that provide users with information about nearby pet resources.

Let’s start with Fido Factor (Ketu Patel/Fido Factor), because it’s free and that’s always a nice feature. Like its closest competitors, Fido Friendly lists nearby dog resources (in this case, dog-friendly restaurants, bars and hotels; dog parks; dog stores; vets, groomers, and boarding facilities; “attractions;” and “transportation”) using your current location. Unlike them, however, it  … Read more

iPhone pet info apps: Pet CV and Pet Dossier

Let’s start with Pet CV, since I’ve owned it longer. It’s an iPhone application that allows you to input certain health information about your pets, and tracks upcoming vaccinations, flea treatments, etc. It also allows you to e-mail some of that information to someone else. I bought the app because I like the idea of having an overview of Chloe’s medical history close at hand. Although it isn’t a substitute for a health certificate or a shot record on your  … Read more

iPhone dog resources app: petcentric places

In an earlier post, I reviewed PetMD Finder, an iPhone application that lists the nearest veterinarians, daycare centers, dog parks, dog sitters, dog walkers, groomers, and pet-friendly hotels (or you can provide a zip code for the location you’re interested in). Pretty ambitious, I thought, but that was before I dug into petcentric places, a Purina iPhone app which tells you about all that plus animal shelters, dog-friendly beaches, amusement parks and campgrounds, and dog-oriented events.

Now that’s ambitious. As yet, the  … Read more

iPhone dog resources app: PetMD Finder

A while ago I wrote about an iPhone application called Off Leash that helps you locate nearby off-leash dog parks. Since then, I’ve added a couple more dog-related apps to my iPhone, including PetMD Finder. Despite the name, the app is not just focused on veterinarians. It also provides lists of daycare centers, dog parks, dog sitters, dog walkers, groomers, and pet-friendly hotels. It searches for relevant results using either your current location or a zip code you type in.

On  … Read more

Off Leash iPhone app now owned by Eukanuba

Back in April I wrote about a free iPhone app called Off Leash that used your current location to show you the five nearest off-leash dog parks. It had flaws, but its authors planned to add more off-leash dog parks in Version 2.0. Instead, they sold it to Eukanuba, which has gussied it up and plans to update it more frequently. A blogger who works in consumer relations for P&G Pet Care has posted a useful summary of the improvements  … Read more

iPhone app: Off Leash

If truth be told, I love my iPhone nearly as much as I love Chloe, and here’s another reason why: The Casual Game Network has an iPhone app called Off Leash that uses your current location to show you the five nearest off-leash dog parks. When you click on the entry for a park you’re interested in, the application gives you driving directions. Only U.S. dog parks are listed, but TCGN plans to add off-leash dog parks in other countries  … Read more