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Dog travel tips and tricks

Tub faucet adapter for washing your dog

Photo by Homz

No matter how short the trip, Chloe invariably becomes filthy at some point and requires a bath. Most of the time, it’s no problem, since nearly every place we stay has a shower — and with a small dog, a shower’s all you need. Pick her up and hold her under the water until she’s wet, set her down and lather her up, then pick her up and rinse her off. Easy! Every so often, though, we  … Read more

Dog gear I carry with me in my purse

A few days ago, I posted a list of the dog gear I normally keep in my car. Here’s what I always carry in my purse:

A collapsible water bowl
A bully stick — they’re the slimmest and least messy of the chews Chloe likes
A roll of poop bags, and some treats (both in a Walker “Arm Gusset”)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been grateful to have each of these items. They’re all small — consider adding them to your  … Read more

Essential dog gear to keep in your car

Here is a list of the dog gear I keep in the car for everyday use — some of these items are Chloe’s regular car equipment (like her car seat and a window shade), and some are things I’ve needed when a quick trip to the dog park turned into an unexpected afternoon away from home.

This is the kind of list I wish I had had when we first brought Chloe home — I would have bought everything on it  … Read more

Hands-free leash-holding: Clip on a carabiner

I first saw this on a dog-walking hip pack that I wasn’t otherwise enthused about, and I like it: You clip a carabiner or an S-Biner to your dog walking belt, or to a belt loop on your pants, and when you want to have your hands free you clip your dog’s leash handle to the carabiner. I’ve attached one to my OllyDog Walker, and I’ve used it a couple of times when I really wanted both hands free to  … Read more

Another collapsible dog bowl, Martha-style

In an earlier post, I reviewed a number of collapsible bowls and recommended ones that work well for small dogs. If you’d like to make one instead, Martha Stewart has directions and templates for you. In fact, she also provides a two-part video showing you how it’s done, starring Martha and actress Kate Walsh (click on the first two “Video” links, located just under the picture of the completed bowl).

A two-part video is necessary, it turns out, because the bowl  … Read more

ShamWow! superabsorbent dog towel

On every trip we’ve taken with Chloe, she’s needed to have at least one bath. A puppy layette list we saw included a “superabsorbent” towel, but it’s taken us a while to find the one that works best. (It’s kinder to your hosts to bring your own dog towels, and a good dog towel will do a better job than a terry cloth towel anyway.)

My first effort was a Soggy Paws towel, which is adorable and has useful pockets at  … Read more

Make a felted ball toy for your dog

Photo by electricnude

I’m watching Chloe play with the insanely expensive felted ball I just brought home for her. It’s her second one — the first is doing just fine, but this one is destined to go into her travel suitcase. They are perfect travel toys, because you can fling them around a room or house and they won’t do any damage to the walls, and they’re quiet (so you won’t wake up the person in the neighboring hotel room).  … Read more

Chloe’s tote: Organizing your dog’s stuff

Looking at her checklist, you can tell that Chloe travels with a lot of stuff. And her stuff comes in small pieces, like toys and rolls of poop bags and tubs of eye wipes and packets of treats. Without some way of keeping things organized, your hotel room or guest room or car will quickly get messy, and the thing you want at any given time will never be at hand.

My solution is a tote bag. (I love totes, so  … Read more

Dog food kit: Packing food and treats for a long trip

On our first trips, I packed food, treats and training kibble in separate Ziploc bags, and put them in Chloe’s suitcase along with a couple of collapsible travel bowls. They sloshed around in the suitcase with her toys and blankets and grooming supplies and everything else on her checklist and on at least one occasion, the Ziploc bags suffered. Not a crisis, but when I saw a tidy-looking food kit in one of my favorite catalogues, I considered buying it.  … Read more