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Another dog-friendly Seattle restaurant: Poppy

Sunday's 10-item thali

Poppy opened in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood just over a year ago, in a blaze of glory. Chef Jerry Traunfeld had been at The Herbfarm, a legendary local restaurant, for years; had left The Herbfarm; his fans were on tenterhooks…and then Poppy appeared at the north end of Broadway, serving eclectic, delicious food in an unusual format. Each diner gets a “thali,” or tray, of small dishes — including a couple of entrées, maybe a soup,  … Read more

Two more dog-friendly Seattle restaurants: Chutneys and Vios

Summertime has finally arrived in Seattle, and the restaurants have activated their outside dining. That’s good news for us and for Chloe, because we don’t have air conditioning and there are days when I’d sooner stick forks in my eyes than cook — and when we go out to dinner, Chloe gets another walk. In the past, I’ve told you about a number of dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, including Monsoon, Olympic Pizza, Samui Thai and Volunteer Park  … Read more

Photo Friday: Wine tasting in Woodinville, WA

Well, the fact is, we only went to one winery, but I liked the sound of all those Ws. I’ve long known about the wine country around Woodinville (about a half hour northeast of Seattle, if the traffic’s in your favor), but I’d never visited any of the wineries or tasting rooms until this past Friday, when we zipped out to taste some wines from De Lille Cellars. They were excellent, no surprise there, but it was odd to be  … Read more

Seattle’s Volunteer Park: Not off-leash, but dog-friendly

Photo by Joe Szilagyi

Volunteer Park is a 48-acre oasis in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The land was originally used as a cemetery, but in 1887 the graves were relocated a short distance northwards, to Lake View Cemetery. The park now includes the Seattle Asian Art Museum (housed in a magnificent 1933 Art Moderne building designed by Carl Gould), a lovely 1912 conservatory, a 1906 water tower (climb to the top for a fine view) overlooking a reservoir, and  … Read more

Dog-friendly luxury: Seattle’s Four Seasons Hotel

Photo by Wendy Perrin

The last time I stayed at Seattle’s Four Seasons Hotel, the brand was attached to the Olympic Hotel, a grande dame of a hotel built in 1924 and now a Fairmont property. The new Four Seasons opened last year, and is a modern building across the street from the Seattle Art Museum and about a block south of the Pike Place Market (it’s also next door to a beloved Seattle institution, the Lusty Lady peepshow  … Read more

Seattle dog-friendly restaurant: Volunteer Park Café

The Volunteer Park Café is a gem — a corner café just two blocks east of Volunteer Park in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, with fantastic baked goods from co-owner Heather and fantastic everything else from co-owner Ericka. They serve breakfast and lunch every day except Monday, and dinner every day except Sunday and Monday. It’s comfortable, casual, and friendly, and the sidewalk tables and steps in front of the café are always cluttered with dogs. There are bowls of water,  … Read more

Seattle dog-friendly restaurant: Samui Thai

I write this on behalf of my husband, who loves Thai food (I am deathly allergic to nuts, so no Thai restaurants for me, alas). Our neighborhood has two Thai restaurants, and the one my husband prefers is Samui Thai. Samui has a big front deck, recently painted a cheerful turquoise — it’s a nice, sunny location in Capitol Hill’s quiet 15th Ave. business district. When my husband arrived there  … Read more

Seattle, WA off-leash dog park: Golden Gardens Park

Chloe and I went to the Golden Gardens off-leash dog area in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood this morning, and we can report that it includes an area for small dogs — always a cause for celebration — and is in a lovely wooded location. The big dog area has lots of trees and benches, and the ground is covered in wood chips.

The small dog area is just to the north and shares one length of fence with the big dog area.  … Read more

Seattle, WA off-leash dog park: Genesee Park

This dog park, in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood, is significantly smaller than Magnuson Park‘s off-leash area, but it’s still a good size. There are benches for humans, and poop bags are available. I didn’t see any source of water. [Editor’s note: But see the comment from Declan, below.] The park is on a small hill, so mud is likely not to be a problem.

That said, Chloe and I stayed for about a minute, and then hot-footed it out of there.  … Read more

Seattle, WA off-leash dog park: Magnuson Park

Magnuson Park’s off-leash dog park is the one closest to us, and because it’s not perfect I’ve sought out other Seattle dog parks — especially ones with small dog areas. The more dog parks I see, however, the more I appreciate Magnuson.

It’s huge, for starters. The big dog area covers nine acres in Seattle’s Laurelhurst neighborhood, and includes a narrow strip of land that leads dogs and their owners to Lake Washington and a small but well-loved beach where the  … Read more