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Visiting Paris with a dog? Here’s a crucial French phrase

Dog and Dior (photo by pussnboots)

Almost a month ago, I wrote a post about having The Conversation in French — you know, the conversation you have with the other dog owners you meet during a walk (“What a great dog! What kind is she? How old is she?” and so on). Shortly after I posted it, I realized that I hadn’t asked Melanie, my Parisian friend (and a skilled linguist), for help with a phrase I suspect I’ll  … Read more

What we’ll do with our dog in Paris

Photo by Paola Bonfadelli

I’ve been making a lot of noise about our upcoming trip to Paris with Chloe this fall, and it finally occurred to me that maybe you’re wondering why we’re taking her with us at all. What do we plan to do with her? Will having a dog with us prevent us from fully experiencing what the city has to offer? Will it add to our understanding and appreciation of Paris to have Chloe with us? They’re  … Read more

Upcoming Paris trip: Chatting with other dog owners, in French

Photo by fachxx00

As you know, we’re taking Chloe to Paris this fall. It occurred to me recently, as I went on my morning walk with her around the neighborhood park, that we’ll meet other dog owners in Paris. How are we going to have The Conversation with them, given that we don’t know a scrap of French dog vocabulary?

You know what I mean by The Conversation — anyone who walks their dog and meets other dog owners does.  … Read more

A short list of dog-friendly Paris hotels

Hôtel des Deux-Iles

In my first post about going to Paris with a dog, I told you that we’d be renting an apartment for our visit this fall and recommended that you do too. It occured to me, though, that maybe you could use a short list of dog-friendly Paris hotels, so I got to work.

If I were starting from scratch, I’d use TripAdvisor (click on “Europe” on the map, click on “Paris” on the list of “Top Europe  … Read more

Finding a dog-friendly vacation rental apartment in Paris

Photo by boltron-

We’ve decided to spend a couple of weeks in Paris this fall, and we’re bringing Chloe with us. I’ll be writing a series of posts about our trip; this one focuses on finding a dog-friendly apartment to rent. (We’ve enjoyed the hotels we’ve stayed in in Paris, but for a longer trip — anything, really, over just a few days — we recommend renting an apartment. It’s cheaper and way more fun.)

Given how open Parisians are  … Read more

Photo Friday: Dog travel pictures wanted!

Not every Parisian dog is purse-sized! This week’s picture was taken last July at a beloved bistro in the Haut Marais called Le Progrès (1, rue de Bretagne 75003). I love the look on the lady’s face.

Photo by boltron-

Please send me links to your favorite dog travel photos! They’ll get listed below, for everyone to click on and view. Here’s how it works:

Every Friday, I’ll put up a post like this one, sometime during the morning (Pacific time).
If  … Read more

List of dog-friendly gardens and parks in Paris

The Mairie de Paris has published a useful list of Paris parks and gardens that allow dogs (PDF) — well worth consulting, because Paris is pretty strict about dogs in parks. [7/1/13 Please note that this link still works, but the resulting document is organized slightly differently, and more clearly, than I’ve described below.]

The name of the park is in the left column. The middle column shows that dogs are allowed on that property; if there’s a caption, it describes the  … Read more

English-speaking veterinarian in Paris

It’s not particularly surprising that France’s Ordre des Vétérinaires doesn’t allow sites like AngloInfo to publish lists of English-speaking vets. It’s France, after all, and they do things their own way. The Ordre does have a searchable database of French veterinarians, and that’s useful (click on “Trouvez un vétérinaire”), but its search engine does not give you a way to identify English-speaking vets.

Happily, I have one name to give you. A thread on AngloInfo lead me to someone in Paris  … Read more

Pepper in Paris: Paris dog resources, and the QM2 kennel

I missed the heyday of this blog, when Pepper the Schnauzer and his owner Nikki Moustaki were traveling to Europe on the Queen Mary 2 and visiting Hamburg, Amsterdam and, ultimately, Paris, but the old posts are still very fun to read. It’s also good to see pictures of the QM2 kennel, and hear about how Pepper was pampered by the kennel staff.

Nikki and Pepper also mention two really useful resources for people with pets in Paris. The first is a  … Read more

Traveling by Paris public transit with a small dog

Photo by Rous

The Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP) runs Paris’s Métro, buses and the commuter-rail RER (Réseau Express Régional) lines. It also runs Paris’s tramway (connecting the 13th, 14th, and 15th arrondissements and the southeast suburbs) and the Montmartre funicular. The RATP’s policy regarding traveling with a pet is as follows (translated below):

“Les animaux ne sont autorisés sur les réseaux de transport en commun que dans les cas suivants:

Les animaux de petite taille, convenablement enfermés dans des  … Read more