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New York City

Dog-friendly hotels near Madison Square Garden

I was scrolling through The Westminster Kennel Club 2010 judging program to find out when the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are going to be on tonight, and noticed on pages 12-14 of the program a list of dog-friendly hotels (of course!) near Madison Square Garden. Here’s the program (pdf) — please note that the dog-friendly hotels are listed first, followed by hotels that are not dog-friendly (Affinia Dumont is the last listed dog-friendly hotel).

Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

I’m happy to report that this week a favorite blogger posted an article about a favorite city. Travelling Pets is a Canadian couple traveling in Europe with their Miniature Schnauzer — I love their posts, and I love Stockholm, so an article from them about dog-friendly Stockholm gets my vote.

I write a lot about flying with small dogs, but you can get your dog to Europe on a cruise ship if you’re willing to hock the house and book a  … Read more

Shock and electrocution: Leaking voltage is a dog-walking hazard in cities

Photo by fotogail

This is a year-round topic, but it’s particularly relevant in the wintertime, and I feared I had waited too long to write about it. No worries, it turns out — even though spring is on its way on the West Coast, the second major snowstorm in a week is about to engulf the mid-Atlantic states.

Stray voltage is a real but relatively unknown hazard for humans and dogs in urban environments. It’s a problem year-round, but it’s especially worrisome  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

I have a huge number of dog travel links to tell you about this week, so I’ll plunge in and hope that order emerges from the chaos:

It’s warming up in Seattle, but if you’re still shivering in New York, has an article you’ll want to see about indoor dog-friendly activities in the city, including indoor play groups, classes, and lounges — and even an indoor dog-friendly pool! Alternatively, you could travel across the world to Australia’s Sunshine Coast —  … Read more

AirTrain Newark to NYC with a small dog

In an earlier post, I described AirTrain JFK, which connects a traveler arriving at JFK with the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) or with New York’s subway or bus system. Newark Airport too has an AirTrain (AirTrain Newark), and like AirTrain JFK, AirTrain Newark allows “small domestic animals in secure carriers” onboard.

AirTrain Newark will either ferry you between terminals or take you to Newark Liberty International Airport Station, where you can connect with NJ Transit or with Amtrak. Amtrak trains  … Read more

SnifNYCDogs and SnifBostonDogs shut down

In a couple of previous posts, I told you about the interactive dog maps offered by SnifNYCDogs and SnifBostonDogs. They were great, but if you click on the links I gave you, you can no longer reach them. I wrote to SNIF Tag and asked why. Here’s what they said: “Unfortunately, the SNIF Tag has recently been discontinued for sale.  As a result, we had to shut down all marketing-related efforts, including the Boston and NY blogs.”

Here’s hoping that someone  … Read more

Hoist one with your dog in NYC

It’s summertime, and that means it’s time for cold adult beverages on a patio with a dog under your feet. Here’s an article about dog-friendly “alfresco drinking joints” in NYC — a couple of years old, but still useful!

AirTrain JFK to NYC with a small dog

It’s easy but fairly pricey to take a taxi or limo in to NYC from JFK. If you want to save some money, AirTrain JFK will connect you with the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) or with New York’s subway or bus system for a fraction of the cost ($5 or less, depending on which MetroCard you use). AirTrain JFK allows “small domestic animals in secure carriers” on board, as do the LIRR and NYC’s buses and subways.

AirTrain JFK will take you  … Read more

Website for dogs visiting NYC, Chicago, S.F.

UrbanHound calls itself “the city dog’s ultimate survival guide,” and the site is a great resource for dogs living in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. It’s also a great resource for dogs visiting those cities — in particular, the sections on Hound Play, Hound Health and Hound Services provide lots of useful information about dog parks, swimming holes and fun things to do; 24-hour emergency vets (in Chicago and S.F., not provided for NYC); and dog services like day  … Read more

List of NYC parks with dog-friendly areas

This useful page from the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation site lists all of the Parks Departments’ dog-friendly areas in NYC. Scroll down and click on the name of the borough you’re investigating. The site doesn’t provide a lot of information about each location, but there’s enough to know, at least, whether the listing is a dog run or an off-leash area (which in this case means that dogs may be off leash but must be under  … Read more