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Biking with a dog

Reader’s report: Bicycle customized for three (and ideas for motorbike carriers)

Reader Liberty posted this picture on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page on September 21, and before the pixels had a chance to settle I begged her to write a guest post about what she’d done to create such a gorgeous and safe-looking bike system for her and her two dogs:

Breathtaking, right?

She kindly agreed, wrote her post immediately, and here it is, at too darned long-last (the photo captions are mine). Please note, up front, that the silver Road Hound  … Read more

Dog jaunt: Riding Paris’s Vélib’ bicycles with a small dog

Paris’s citywide bike-on-demand system was just being installed the last time we visited, and we exclaimed in disbelief as impeccably dressed people (including women in skirts and heels —but not helmets, no, never helmets) launched themselves into the maelstrom of traffic on the Rue de Rivoli. More power to them, we thought, but join them? Non. Jamais.

Like this, but with fifteen times the traffic (Photo by KarlOnSea)

Jamais is a long time, though, and the last of our hesitation  … Read more

Photo Friday: Biking with a small, fluffy dog

It’s spring for sure in the Washington D.C. area, where my friends took this picture of their son Paul heading out for a bike ride with Tip, their Papillon:

Tip is riding in the Solvit Deluxe Tagalong carrier

I’d love to see how you and your pup spent your time together this week — please post your photos on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page so we can all see them!

Photo Friday: Cooper the Jack Russell Terrier puppy

Today’s photos were sent to me by reader Meg, who lives in Geneva, Switzerland with Cooper, her five month-old Jack Russell Terrier puppy.

Alert, and ready for action

This one’s a tiny bit blurry, but I’m so glad Meg sent it — isn’t it wonderful?!

Resting up for the next time he needs to be alert…

I’d love to see your pup, and hear what you’ve been up to together this week — please post your photos on Dog Jaunt’s  … Read more

Teaching your small dog to use a bike attachment

All six of Kim's dogs

This is a guest post from Kim Garrison, a friend I met through Twitter (follow her at @kimhalligan1 or @jerseyshoredogs). Kim is the guardian of six (6) dogs, including three Lab mixes (mom Sequel and two of her pups, Stanley and Stella), two Japanese Chins (Oscar and Spencer), and Olive the Chihuahua. Kim bikes with some of her dogs, including the Japanese Chins, which are about the same size as Chloe — so  … Read more

WalkyBasket: Biking with your small dog

It’s probably too soon to be thinking about spring, but yesterday was a truly glorious day in Seattle — one that called out for a bike and, yes, a small dog. Last spring, I wrote a post about several bike carriers (and, alternatively, carrying your dog in a backpack carrier). One of the most intriguing carriers I found was the WalkyBasket, but I couldn’t find a supplier that would send one to the U.S. Now it’s available (I bought ours  … Read more

Photo Friday: Dog travel photos wanted!

Dog Jaunt’s giveaway of an Outward Hound backpack carrier is still underway, so I have backpacks on my mind. This week’s photo charms me, not only because the guy loves his dog enough to bring him biking, but also because the dog is wearing Doggles dog goggles (love ’em!), AND also because the owner has kluged up a regular backpack with carabiners and a short strap (look closely) to create a tether-like restraint that passes through his dog’s harness. Ingenious!  … Read more

Waterbite: Gelled water for traveling with dogs

Photo by Waterbites

A while back, I posted a description of Waterbite portable water and implored its maker to package it in TSA-friendly 3-oz. packages. No progress on that front, but my mother had the brilliant idea of re-packing the gel into the small (2-oz.) Nalgene screwtop jars you find at The Container Store and putting a handful of them into my 3-1-1 bag. So I went ahead and bought an order of Waterbites. They arrived today, and we  … Read more

New controversy surrounding dog bicycle leashes

In September 2009, San Jose’s Mercury News reported the death of a walker on the Los Alamitos Creek Trail who fell and hit her head when she became entangled in the leash of a passing dog, tethered to a bicyclist. Now San Jose is considering whether dogs tethered to bicycles should be prevented from sharing paths with other users, or whether dogs should be allowed to be tethered to bicycles at all. Another element of the discussion is the victim’s  … Read more

Dog eye protection while biking, motorcycling

I thought that dog goggles were a gimmick until I read that search and rescue dogs wear them to protect their eyes from debris and toxic substances. I realize that Chloe’s not going to be in that kind of environment, but she will be biking with us, and some dogs ride motorcycles or scooters with their owners, and in situations like those (lots of wind and road grit) a dog’s eyes need to be protected. So I bought a pair  … Read more