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Bone Voyage: Travel With Your Pet

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About the book

Mary-Alice Pomputius writes Dog Jaunt, a blog focused on traveling with a pet dog. She and Chloe, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, have crossed the U.S. repeatedly, in all directions, and they’ve crossed its borders and the Atlantic too. Bone Voyage distills what they’ve learned, and makes pet travel easy and accessible. Vacationing with your pet may give your wallet a break, and traveling with your pet is fun. You’ll see more of your destination, you’ll make friends with people who want to meet your pet, and — best of all — you’ll have your furry buddy with you for company.

Bone Voyage is the ultimate guide for travelers who want to bring their pet along on their adventures. It’s packed with information, advice, and first-hand accounts designed to make your journey a smooth one. You’ll find tips for:

  • Preparing your pet to travel comfortably and safely, whether it’s in a car or on a plane, train, or boat
  • Choosing a pet carrier the right size for your pet and for the space available on your plane
  • Finding destinations and activities you’ll love sharing with your pet
  • Getting the right paperwork and satisfying the current requirements for taking your pet to your chosen destination
  • Selecting the best pet travel gear, and packing it efficiently
  • Making your way through an airport and onto a plane with a pet (including handling bathroom breaks!)

Gene Openshaw, co-author of Rick Steves guidebooks, says: “With this book, you’ll learn about the most pet-friendly destinations — the best cities, airlines, hotels, and restaurants. You’ll know what to pack, how to keep your pet safe and happy, and all the proper travel ‘petiquette.’ Whether you’re flying to Europe or just taking a car trip, you’ll want this book.”