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Photo Friday: A facelift for Dog Jaunt

Today the big news is Dog Jaunt’s new look! You’re, well, looking at it, so here’s a reminder of what the site looked like yesterday:

Dog Jaunt’s look for the past three years or so.

You’ll be distracted, as I am, by the adorableness of the new dog collar menu and ID tag search bar, but the big change is at the top — those three boxes gather together information and posts about different kinds of transportation and make them the first things you see. The other big change is less obvious: The new look is also mobile-ready, so the site now works on iPads and smartphones.

It’s my hope that all the changes will help folks navigate around the site more easily, and lay their hands on blog posts that help them more readily. There are still some changes to make and loose ends to tuck in. If you see a loose end that I’ve missed, please let me know, and please also let me know what you think of the new look!

My heartfelt thanks and undying love to my husband Walter (what looks like an overnight change is, in fact, the result of a heap of work) and my friend Chandler O’Leary, illustrator extraordinaire and the proprietor of Anagram Press, who created the design in a matter of hours (literally — I watched her do it). Their sweet tempers and mad skillz astonish me.