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Reader’s report: Departing the U.K. with an in-cabin pet

Visiting the U.K. with a small pet is a good news/bad news situation. You start with good news: Back in 2012, the quarantine rules changed and it’s now no harder to meet the U.K.’s import requirements than it is to meet those of the rest of the European Union (well, with some differences, including a requirement that dogs be treated for tapeworm not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours before arriving in the U.K.).

Dog on Portobello Road (Photo by Rupert Ganzer)

Then there’s bad news: Pets cannot arrive in-cabin to the U.K. All pets must arrive as cargo. That’s vexing, but the workaround is good news in its own way: If you want your pet to travel in-cabin, you’ll have to fly into Paris or Amsterdam or Brussels (or even Copenhagen or Madrid, though the ferries are pretty distant from both), and then make your way to the ferry company of your choice (and DEFRA’s choice), or rent a car and take it (with you and your pet in it) to the U.K. via the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle. How bad is it, really, to be forced to spend time in any of those cities?

There is, however, a strong argument that ferry crossings, or the logistics of car rental and driving under unfamiliar rules, are annoying, so it would seem appropriate for the pendulum to swing back to good news. The U.K.’s DEFRA site says nothing about leaving the U.K. with an in-cabin pet, and for a long time I assumed that was possible. Recently, however, I got an e-mail from reader Heather which knocked me off my pins.

She told me that she was working on her return trip to the U.S., after 12 years of living in London, and was considering what carrier to choose for her 9 lb. Havanese — and mentioned in an aside that she’d be “flying from Amsterdam in order to ensure Lucas is able to travel in-cabin, as the UK does not allow any in-cabin pets to travel in or out.” In or out?, I wrote back, and asked her to tell me more. Here’s what she said:

“We have traveled back and forth between the UK and continental Europe many times — this is very easy because we drive to the Eurotunnel and put our car on a train there. The Eurostar passenger trains do not allow dogs (except assistance dogs) which is a real pity as it’s a very convenient way to travel. There are no requirements for entering continental Europe from the UK. Lucas has his PETS passport, which has proof of his vaccination record and allows him to re-enter the UK without any issue.  The only minor hassle is the requirement to visit a vet in Europe for tapeworm treatment between 1 and 5 days prior to returning to the UK (this used to be 24-48 hours, which was a real problem if it happened to be on a weekend). The important thing is to ensure the vet stamps the passport with the details of the medication, the date and the time (we were unfortunately held up at the Eurotunnel because the vet forgot to put the time, so they made us wait till after midnight to take a train).

As for traveling out of the UK by airplane with an in-cabin pet — I have heard different things and although I’ve read some stories online of people being able to do this from the UK to Europe on Lufthansa (but not directly to the US), I don’t personally know anyone who has done it and I haven’t found anything definite enough (or on an official website such as DEFRA) to make me comfortable with attempting it.”

That’s bad news, people, and my research seemed to confirm what Heather told me. Delta’s site states that it “will not accept any live animals as checked or carry-on baggage to/from the United Kingdom,” and that’s United’s policy too (the site only talks about importing pets to the U.K., but a United customer service representative told me that the rules also apply to departing pets). British Airways and Virgin Atlantic both link pet owners automatically to their cargo service, which is an answer in itself. While Gatwick is mum on the subject, Heathrow’s site states that departing pets have only two travel options: Checked baggage or cargo (arriving pets can only arrive as cargo).

In desperation, I tried Heather’s lead and called Lufthansa, and there was the good news I was hoping for: The customer service representative firmly assured me that while in-cabin pets can only travel to the U.K. as cargo, they can leave the U.K. in-cabin. Today, I realized that in my first call, I had emphasized the phrases “leaving the U.K.” and “pet dog,” but I hadn’t mentioned the point Heather raised about a possible difference between flying from the U.K. to the U.S., or elsewhere. I called Lufthansa back, and today’s customer service rep confirmed what her colleague had told me, and told me that it does not make a difference if the U.S. is your destination — pets can leave the U.K. in-cabin on Lufthansa. How pleased I am to find this bit of good news to end with! Three cheers for Lufthansa!!

Lufthansa’s page about pet travel does not go into that kind of detail, so I cannot give you a supporting link. When you are making your plans, I recommend calling Lufthansa a couple of times to confirm and re-confirm that your pet will be allowed into the cabin, and take good notes each time of the name of the person you spoke to, and the date of your conversation.


  • Shauntel

    I travel black and forth between the UK and the US all the time! I have found the dogs always have to be in cargo entering the UK from the US. However its pretty easy when we travel back to the US from the UK. I fly on KLM ( my absolute favorite) which allow pets in the cabin and… Do not require a pet agent to do the booking for the pets. I believe virgin airways and BRittish airways require a pet agent to do bookings and do not allow pet in cabins. Any how had a wonderful experience with klm! They were very relaxed and even had the seat beside me empty so I would have extra room! I didn’t get hassled about having my dog and everyone was so friendly! As far as entering the US in customs it was pretty easy!! They didn’t even check my dogs passport. The only thing they were concerned about was if I had any dog food. They just want to make sure I had disposed of it on the airplane which I did.

  • Anna Gerada

    I should like to know how I can travel to Europe with my small miniature wire/haired dachshund in the cabin out of LHR or LGW returning back to UK with dog in cabin. Please can you give me the answers – I have been told many contradicting answers. Thank you. Anna

  • Hello, Anna — You have this post, re how to leave the UK with an in-cabin dog. Lufthansa and KLM are the answer, it appears. Returning to the UK, you’ll want to look at this post: and then follow the links at the end of it to related posts. I’ve just returned from doing the car rental then Eurotunnel Le Shuttle option, and it worked very smoothly. Let me know if you still have questions after reading the posts!

  • Kristina

    Mary-Alice, hi again! Kara and I are spending a month in England. I tried to think about leaving her with a friend for 30 days, it didn’t work. So I will be taking her along. I saw this post and comment by Shauntel, is there any way to get into contact with her? We’d love to fly out of Heathrow with Kara. Our plan so far: Fly into Paris, take train from CDG to Calais. At Calais, my partners parents will pick us up in their car. They are about an hour from the channel tunnel in England, so not too much trouble to come through and grab us. Thats what we have so far, and actually seems less difficult than my previous plan or others plans – I imagine that is because they dont have cars or people there to grab them without a fee. Anywho, please ask Shauntel if I might be able to speak wth her. Thank you! Will update you o the journey.

  • Sounds like a great plan!! I’ll write a post RSN about the “border” process, which is the only part missing. I’ll also send Shauntel a message — but if she doesn’t get back to you, Lufthansa worked great for us (I canceled last moment, because I wanted to transit through Dulles, but the flights were all arranged, and the in-cabin pup LEAVING the U.K. was totally fine).

  • Kristina

    MA – Did you cross the channel in a car? I have to update myself with your posts, last time I saw you all were in France! We were told we could just take Kara on the SNCF trains and not have any trouble or prebooking necessary really. What was it like to cross the channel, did you all stay in the car? This part is fuzzy to me. How did you book your pup on Lufa leaving the UK? I called KLM and Delta and the phone operator told me firmly – no dogs on flights out of UK. Strange. Lufa seems better, is there a number or process you went through for that? Any help would be great, as we are trying to firm up booking asap (costs are rising!). Thank you again Mary-Alice, youre so wonderful and your blog has been a great help! (PS. my USDA cert. vet will probably take care of all the paperwork, but to cross the channel did you need the pre-approval letter from DEFRA?) Sorry for so many questions!!!

  • Kristina

    I forgot to add this detail, sorry MA. Was the stipulation to bring dog in-flight out of UK because you stopped in Frankfurt or somewhere in Europe first? So sorry again for all the questions. I just really want this to happen with Kara in tow. I’d be so worried otherwise!

  • No problem with the questions, Kara! Dammit, I’ll write that Eurotunnel Le Shuttle post today (back troubles, so I’ve been off-line). It was simple and straightforward. About Lufthansa — my original plan had been to rent a car at CDG, drive it and Chloe and us onto the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, and then on to London, and then fly home on Lufthansa from London. I chose not too, in the end, because renting the car one-way was HIDEOUSLY EXPENSIVE (there’s a 500 euro surcharge for the drop-off in England), but I went through the whole reservation process (and in fact HAD reservations — just canceled them last-moment). To get them, I called Lufthansa and explained that I knew all about dogs not being able to come INTO the U.K. in-cabin, but I’d been told that I could take ours OUT of the U.K. in-cabin, no problem. She agreed, and made my reservations (London-Frankfurt-Seattle, I think it was). I repeated my concerns twice more, and each time she reassured me. I called back, so I’d talk to someone completely different (and I did), and that person too reassured me. Both of them repeatedly told ME that in-cabin pets couldn’t come into England, but were okay leaving it on Lufthansa (so it was quite clear that we were both on the same page — there’s a difference between pets coming in and leaving). I felt good enough about it, in combination with a reader’s report that she had often left the U.K. on Lufthansa with her in-cabin pet, that I didn’t feel so badly when we decided to return to France in the rented car and fly home on United from CDG — it gave me a chance to see what it was like going on the Le Shuttle in that direction, too, and let us transit through Dulles, with its air-side pet relief area (not an issue for New Yorkers like you and K, who are home when you land!).

  • Hi again, Kristina! The whole jaunt to England was purely for the sake of the blog. I wanted to go through the steps of getting a pet passport (and tapeworm treatment) for Chloe, getting across the Chunnel from France, and flying home from England with her in-cabin so I could have that first-hand experience and report about it. We did all of it except the actual flying-back part, but I really felt confident that Lufthansa was aware of Chloe and okay with her being under my seat, and that the London to Frankfurt flight would have been just fine (Frankfurt to Seattle I had no concerns about at all). The stop-off in Frankfurt was just because of Lufthansa’s flight map — they don’t have direct London-Seattle flights, and the plane change in Frankfurt made most sense, of the other options.

  • Kristina

    Thank you MA, we are making progress on our side here. Wanted to ask about your international flights on United, in the states I’ve had bad service experiences and bad planes in general. How was your experience?

  • Hi, flower — It was totally fine (that United 767 under-seat space post a few back was from the Dulles-CDG flight). We’ve never had any problems to speak of on United (I know there are bad stories, but so far they’ve only been ones I’ve heard, not experienced!). I strongly recommend getting an Economy Plus seat — even on a new plane like the 767, the Economy seats are squashed together. The FAs were pleasant to me, and kindly gave me ice for Chloe whenever I asked for it. Chloe snoozed. No issues.

  • Daniela

    Hi… just fyi back on nov.2011 I left the UK with my cavachon heading to Brazil via LH. No issues at all, they were very nice and did not even weight my dog at all, they just asked me how was his weight and trusted me on that… we flew to Rio de Janeiro without any problems
    Then to bring the dog back was OK, just a bit more complicated to plan the logistics: first wait the new rules taking place on 2012, so we returned on Jan 2012 where quarantine was not mandatory-my dog is british 🙂 and has pet passport.Then we flew to Paris via LH and I must say it was a piece of cake!! because we had a connection on Frankfurt.
    at Frankfurt we were ignored as we were not staying in Germany…then we changed flight to go to Paris (internal EU flight) conclusion:arriving in France we were ignored as well because we were coming from an internal EU flight…so I just release my dog to walk at airport (since we were in France and is allowed) and no one stopped us at all.Hired a car and drove to the UK to get the eurotunnel by car. At UK border no one asked where we were coming from as they assumed we were just coming from France…very easy in terms of documentation and stressing ourselves however lots of logistics surround the dog needs planing beforehand just as we did. other than this, very pleased with LH and will do it again soon 😉

  • Daniela

    just more info…
    I left heathrow to Frankfurt (the flight was empty and they even let me have my dog (in the his sturdibag) in the seat with me after takeover , not to mention I opened the zipper so my dog had his head on mylap but this was just because the flight was enpty and I asked to seat in the back away from other passengers.
    KLM and AirFrance as far as I know also allow you to leave the UK with a pet in cabin , the only reason I did not flight them is because of their weight restrictions which I would not met as my dog is heavier.
    I am sure there are other companies that allows the pet to leave the UK in cabin. Just plan ahead and do researches on DEFRA website and airline website.
    and feel free to ask any question to me to…hopefully nothing has changed bit as I am planning a long trip back home (Brazil) again during the world cup I am already starting all the searching process as my dog will go with me again.

  • Love it, Daniela — love the info, and the way everything went smoothly, and the confirmation that you can leave the U.K. with an in-cabin dog on Lufthansa. So useful — thank you!!!

  • One reader tells me she couldn’t get leaving the U.K. with an in-cabin dog on KLM to work (but another reader reports that it’s worked for her), so I’m eager to figure that one out. Air France is a new (to me) suggestion — I’ll dig into that too. Thank you!!

  • Daniela

    AIR France and KLM are the same company these days. Before I bought my ticket I was more worried with the sturdibag dimensions(large) so I went to the airport and talk to the agents from each airline (KLM, airFrance and LH) to ask/show about my bag. At AirFrance/KLM they were very welcome and I even asked about my dog weighting a little bit more than 6kg allowed (dog+transport bag) and they said that in that airport they would not put any issues but they could not talk on behalf of other airports…I did not want to take the risk so I decided to go with Lufthansa purely because of the weight of my dog. KLM/AirFrance have cheaper prices for me but LH allows 8kgs which works better to me. For this reason I never flew KLM/AirFrance with my dog but I remember talking to them and apparently I would not have any issues with both of them. Although I cannot share any experience with these airlines for pets in cabin I can say that they allow and I have friends that had flown with both of KLM and AirFrance and reported to me that there was a pet in their flight in cabin leaving the UK. (they always think of me because as they know I do the same)

  • Annie

    Hello Everyone, I am a volunteer in India and this time want to take my tiny Chihuahua back with me. I am sorting out the Import Certificate from the India side but want to get any advice on airlines… I am thinking to fly with Air France because if I want to bring him back to the UK it would be easier to come via Paris and then across to the UK. Has anyone actually used the shuttle service spoken of in other posts and do you have any idea of the cost?

    Does anyone know if I can let my boy (Chico) out in the airport in Paris for a comfort break.

    Any advice would be most welcome! Annie

  • chrystel

    Have been checking for updated info for taking dogs into England. Can confirm that Air France is ‘great’ with in cabin animals and recently discovered the 8 kg allowance by Lufthansa. UK is MORE than wierd with ridiculous rules that I have been following for many years….

  • Thanks for the news about Air France, Chrystel! (Just to clarify, folks, Chrystel is talking about leaving the U.K. with an in-cabin dog on Air France and Lufthansa — it is still not possible to enter the U.K. by plane with an in-cabin pet.)

  • Hi, Annie! Reader Tammy was in a similar situation — she came from Singapore to the U.K., by way of Amsterdam and Paris, and she chose to hire a driver to take them through the Chunnel on the Eurotunnel le Shuttle. According to her report, that cost about 500 euros: That’s a lot of money, but the alternative we considered (renting a car 1-way into the U.K. and driving it onto the train) was even more expensive. Tammy recently took a mini-break on the Continent, and I’ve asked her what service she used this time to return to the U.K. — when I know, I’ll let you know. Re the airport in Paris — they’re pretty laid-back at CDG about your dog being out of her carrier in the airport. There are a limited number of grassy patches outside the airport, but if your pup is okay with concrete, there’s plenty of that (there is a lot of grass near the Hotel Ibis, so if you have time, catch the CDGVAL to “Terminal 3—Roissypole” and walk around there: ). If your pup is okay with pee pads, I’d take her into a bathroom stall and lay a bunch down for her.

  • Kristina & Kara

    I would like to say flying into Munich was very pleasant, and Munich International Aiport has two main buildings to it, but they are connected by a huge outdoor area inbetween them…where other dogs were. It was as if you could have a coffee, water, lunch or a beer -in the bier garden- and enjoy the outside with your pup until it was time to head to the gate. Pretty great actually!

  • Annie

    Thanks so much for this. I am now in the process of getting a rabies blood test done so that I can bring him back to Europe easily. I have decided to travel with Lufthansa as it is much cheaper on long haul flights (50 pounds compared with 200 on Air France for in cabin dogs). I have one hour in Frankfurt to change flights.

  • Daniela

    Hi guys,
    Just so you know, I live in the UK and I am taking my dog to Brazil (again) on June 1st…flying out the UK in cabin via Lufthansa and then returning via Lufthansa to Paris (pet in cabin ) where Ill drive back to the UK via Eurotunnel…I have done this same route before back in 2012 and is OK….I ll keep you posted later on my return on late July. More things has changed since but rules that benefits pets with EU Pet Passport. I am afraid.

  • That sounds delightful, K&K! The only thing in the U.S. I can think of that’s comparable (that I’ve been to!) is the little airport in Long Beach, CA — the new part now has a breezeway, past security and next to the actual departures area, where you can walk around and sit with your dog. Big difference, though — no awesome beer garden….

  • Hi, Daniela! Safe travels, and I’m/we’re looking forward to hearing how the trip goes. Thanks in advance for letting us know how things have changed since your last trip!

  • Annie

    Does anyone know what documents lufthansa require when flying a dog in cabin out of Heathrow? Also, how to make the reservation for a dog. Does anyone have a number which does not start with 0871?

  • Hello, Annie — When I was making our reservations last fall, I just called Lufthansa and told them I’d be bringing an in-cabin dog with me. I made my own reservations over the phone at the same time, because I wanted to make sure (and double-sure, too) that (1) I was allowed to bring an in-cabin dog with me when exiting the U.K., and (2) that there was room on the plane for her. Making sure of both those things was worth whatever $ penalty there might have been in making my reservations over the phone instead of on-line. At that time (and I have no reason to think this has changed), Lufthansa did not require any additional or different documentation for her than I’d already gotten based on her destination (in my case, re-entry into the U.S.). I called the U.S. phone number for Lufthansa (800-645-3880), since I was in the U.S. at the time — maybe worth trying, even from another country?

  • Daniela

    Hi guys, just wanted to give you a brief update as I had flown UK – Brazil with my pet in cabin via Lufthansa with connection flight in Frankfurt . Everything went excellent, Lufthansa always very attentive and nice. But the most important update that I think everyone wanted to know is that yes Frankfurt airport is pet friendly and I was able to take my cavachon on a leash at the airport while running to my next flight gate, which was excellent as it was a really long walk . Everyone very helpful on security checks and everything went smoothly. This was excellent as my dog+Sturdibag we’re exactly 8kg so a big relieve to not have to carry 8 kgs for 15 minutes or more walk. I guess this was a concern of everyone if wether we could walk the dog in the departure/connection areas so answer is Yes. About pet relief Areas I can’t say because my UK flight was delayed and left me just 30 minutes to connect to my next flight so I was on a rush. Hope this info helps! I ll post updates on my return when I am back to Europe by end of July.

  • Love it — thanks so much for the info, Daniela! (Was your Cavachon able to manage the flight to Brazil without a bathroom break in Frankfurt? At least s/he got a walk/run from gate to gate!)

  • mary

    Does anyone have experience flying with TAP (from London via Portugal)?
    I called them, they said is ok, but I called TAM once and they also said it was ok, just to I call again and they say not allowed. Those people should take more attention to what they say! Anyway, I am moving to Brazil and I am taking my cat… pretty scary, more for me than for him I guess… I also travelling pregant, that will be such an adventure! This site is amazing good! thank you all 😉

  • Leandro

    Hi everyone,

    I really hope anyone can help me!

    I called Lufthansa today in order to book my dog to fly with me in the Cabin from FRA to London City – UK. The reason I picked Lufthansa straight away is because of its reputation of taking Pets which its website can confirm.

    I was then told that my pet reservation could not be confirmed in the system due to the UK regulations. The careful attendent then said he was gonna make an unconfirmed sort of reservation and then advised me to contact the UK department of animals DEFRA in order to check about it. So I did and I was happily informed that they have recently changed their rules and I can now take my dog in the Cabin +44 (0)370 241 1710 as long as the airline takes it.

    However, getting in contact again to Lufthansa in order to get a confirmation I spoke to a bitter attendent this time who didn’t care much and just said no, cannot book it.

    Now, has anyone recently done this?

    Thank you.


  • Hello, Leandro — I have not heard of ANY change in the existing U.K. rules, which do not allow pets to travel in-cabin INTO the U.K. You can depart the U.K. on Lufthansa (and on at least one other airline) with an in-cabin pet, but you cannot enter the U.K. with an in-cabin pet. Vexing, I know.

  • Annie

    Hi, I have just flown from Heathrow to Mumbai with my dog but couldn’t book him back into Heathrow. This ridiculous rule has not changed.

  • Annie

    In fact the rules change all the time so it is worth contacting DEFRA. However, until 20th June 2014, you were not allowed to fly a dog in cabin to Heathrow.

  • Alicia

    All this information is really really useful! I could arrive to Uk with my little Chloe last July, but now I would like to come back to Spain for Christmas time! The cabin options are KLM, Lufthansa and Air France, but unfortunately none of them flight directly to Spain. Dos someone know any new airline?? thanks!!!

  • Sandra Paiva

    What great information on here!
    I have travelled with my pet in cabin from Gatwick, unfortunately they take the pet at security and only hand it back to you at the boarding gate. You cannot have it with you after security.
    Can anyone tell me if Heathrow is the same?

  • Annie Waltham

    I brought my Chihuahua in cabin to Mumbai from Heathrow in June 2014. He was with me all thecway from check in to arrival in Mumbai. At customs in Heathrow they took the bag to swab it but left him with me.

  • Annie Waltham

    I would also like to warn everyone about my experience with Lufthansa whom I previously thought were great. I made the reservation for tmy dog directly with the company in Hamburg. I even got my travel agent to call and check they had the booking, which they said they did. However, horror of horrors, when I arrived at Heathrow they told me that they had the booking but they couldn’t confirm it on their system. They also told me that their system was not up to date with the latest requirements from the Indian side for importation of a dog (despite the fact that I had just spent the last 3 months communicating with Quarantine departments in India and DEFRA in the Uk and had paid lots of money to get everything I needed). The on duty manager was not going to allow me on the flight somi insisted that she call the general manager. He was really nice and called Hamburg to see if they would be willing to let my pup transit there. Luckily they were so they confirmed that on their system and then Heathrows system accepted the dog booking. Allmofvthis took 35 mins extra. Their luggage scales were also wrong and they tried to charge me for excess baggage until I told them I had already weighed them at home. When they placed them on the next set of scales they were fine. I asked the general manager why the telephonist had confirmed that my dog was booked on the flight when he wasn’t and he replied that the people we speak to on the end of the phone are often not sure what they are doing! Amazing! They then proceeded to charge mec30 pounds more than the price stated on their website for an in cabin dog on a long haul flight.

  • Daniela

    humm bit surprised and intrigued about this, but my answer would be “no” as this never happened to me . I had left from Heathrow airport once and second time I left from Birmingham International airport (recently), unless there were rules changes or it is something specifically from Gatwick, never heard of it before.

  • JM

    @Leandro – I was just at the vet this past week and talking about pets flying in/out of UK (Scotland specifically…same rules) . The vet said she knows of some people who have flown out AND IN to the UK on Lufthansa. She said it is up to the airline as well. I am still super skeptical, but searching for the truth.

  • Bridget

    Hello! I have spent several hours today calling the different carriers to find which airline allows pets IN CABIN, OUT of the Uk to the States. Lufthansa said “absolutely” on the phone, and I even asked to speak to a manager to confirm. However…the flights from LHR to EWR is operated by United. I called United, spoke to a manager, and the answer is “absolutely no”. I called KLM and they said that they DO allows pets in cabin from the UK, and the process is to make a temporary booking, via telephone..they put the request in and let you know within 24 hours if it’s approved.

  • jm

    I’m on hold right now with United waiting to ask them about leaving Edinburgh to Newark with the pup in cabin. I do hope it is a Yes…or I will have to search for another flight. Am happy that their online booking has a no-charge cancellation policy for 24hrs, so if they say no, then I will cancel the flight i have reserved.

  • jm

    Well – just talked to someone. Apparently in United’s system, the flight says “no pets to/from” ….uggg. I am waiting for their pet department to see if they have any other information on the topic.

  • Annie

    Maybe it is worth using KLM (AIR FRANCE). I took a dog from Thailand to Vietnam with them in cabin. They were just totally cool about everything.

  • jm

    Air france and klm are ridiculously expensive (£10, 000!!!) Not a clue why. Lufthansa is an option, price is reasonable, but have to make sure they aren’t code sharing with united out of the UK. Has anyone flown Lufthansa then on a code share on a second flight? I haven’t found an ALL Lufthansa ticket, not sure if I’d have to pay for the dog again on that one direction because it isn’t a LH flight…

  • Delmy

    Hi guys, I am hoping to get some help here, i understand all of enquire about in cabin but what about as cargo hold? Seems based on the online info the KLM may be able to do it from london to lax? However the nonstop flights are from Delta and their site specifies a weather restriction? Anyone have any experience with this? Lufthansa has kennel requirements i think? One of my dogs requires the giant kennel and the measurements they have on their site are a couple inches less and non stop flights from them are with united who i hear do NOT allow uk to us. Any help or advice?

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