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Photo Friday: Scoop law sign in Rhinebeck, NY

We drove through Rhinebeck a couple of days ago, and while we were debating whether to eat there or in nearby Poughkeepsie, I saw this sign:

What can its designer have been thinking? Is that a fireplace tool? A cattle prod? (My husband just read this, and tells me it’s meant to be a poop scoop, like this one, but if so, that dog owner has forgotten the “spade” half of the product. Perhaps the dog, which looks alert and intelligent, has been trained to poop directly into the scoop.)

We chose to keep driving, by the way, and although Poughkeepsie lacks Rhinebeck’s charm, we could not have been happier with the lunch we had at Brasserie 292 (sadly, not dog-friendly).

I hope that you and your pup had a marvelous week. If you were out and about together, please post your photos on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page so we can all see them!

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