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Photo Friday: A gift from photographer Peter Carey

How surprised I was to open my mail a couple of days ago and find a message from photographer Peter Carey, who had been burrowing around in his files and found a couple of photos he thought you guys would like. Here they are, both taken three years ago on Double Bluff Beach on Whidbey Island (about 30 miles north of Seattle).

Photo by Peter West Carey

Photo by Peter West Carey

Gorgeous, right? Peter, among other things, holds photography workshops around the U.S. and — get this! — accompanies clients on photography trips to places like Nepal and Bhutan and India and [insert your chosen destination here]. I wish he’d come on safari with us — my husband and I refer to our album from that trip as “The Rumps of Tanzania,” but our laughter is hollow. He’s also just the nicest person you’ll ever meet — thank so much, Peter, for a very special Photo Friday!

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