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The Gulpy dog water bottle: Redesigned, now in two sizes

I have loved Chloe’s Gulpy water bottle since we bought our first one over two years ago. As I said when I first reviewed it, it’s a simple product that does its job really well. The only feature I didn’t like was its plastic clip, meant to be hooked over a waistband. I also wished, in a mild way, that the bottle could be stood solidly on its base, rather than teetering on the rounded end of the water dish lid.

Those issues aside, though, the Gulpy was great, and when it seemed like they were getting to be hard to find — oh, about a year ago — I bought a second one, just in case I lost or broke my first one. I also considered my alternatives. I reviewed the Pet-Top water bottle adapter (insuperable reservations), the Pet2O water bottle adapter (grave reservations), and the H2O4K9 water bottles for large and small dogs (reservations). I should mention that I bought all of the dog water bottle products mentioned in this post — I will always let you know when a product I’m reviewing has been paid for or provided by someone else.

Of the lot, the small H2O4K9 bottle was most promising, once the flimsy carabiner it came with was replaced with a sturdier alternative: Chloe happily drinks out of its lid (she was a little fearful of the deeper, high-sided lid of the bigger H2O4K9 bottle), I preferred the H2O4K9’s carabiner to the Gulpy’s waistband clip, and I liked the flat bottom on the H2O4K9 bottle.

However, it takes only one hand to dispense water to your dog from the Gulpy bottle — and that feature alone is enough to make me a devoted fan. The Gulpy also has the advantage of being shareable — there’s a spatial separation between the dish lid and the neck of the water bottle, so the fact that your dog has drunk from the dish lid doesn’t prevent you from drinking from the bottle.

I was happy, therefore, to see that the Gulpy is now readily available again, and now it comes in two sizes — the original 20 oz. bottle, and a small 10 oz. bottle. I was also happy to see that it’s been redesigned slightly: While it still has the plastic waistband clip, it also has a large hole on its top end, through which a carabiner could be clipped (the carabiner isn’t provided, but they’re pretty easy to find — and the hole is big enough that any size carabiner will work).

Its only remaining flaw is its rounded bottom, which makes it a bit tippy in a cup holder, and prevents it from standing upright on a flat surface. An H2O4K9 devotee would also point out that the Gulpy isn’t easy to clean. Neither issue is a deal-breaker for me, and indeed, after two years of use, Chloe’s original Gulpy bottle is still clear and sweet-smelling. We just don’t leave water standing in it, and we slosh suds around the inside every so often.

Amazon links:
Gulpy Water Dispenser (20 oz.)
Gulpy Jr. Water Dispenser (10 oz.)


  • Jennie

    hmmmn. I need something, because Bo is getting mighty hot and thirsty on our evening walks to the fields to play fetch with his Frisbee. We do that until he has burned off the worst of his energy and gets too hot. I’d like to get the small K9 but need a way to carry it — maybe the sling??? or maybe I can hunt down the Gulpy Tycho got as a present lo’ these many years ago. I’m sure its around hiding in a closet somewhere.

  • Hi, Jennie! The small K9 can be clipped to a belt loop with the carabiner — it’s a little clanky, but I’d prefer that to an over-the-shoulder sling in your weather. The old Gulpy clips on to a waistband, which might jostle off in a romp — the new Gulpy has a place for a carabiner, so maybe you keep the old one in the car and buy a new one? And you could get one of those dog waistpacks — the one I like best has a slot for a water bottle — but again, in your heat, I’d think twice about something around my midsection.

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