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A dog-friendly Seattle coffee house: C&P Coffee Company

I made plans with a friend last week for coffee, and she invited me to come to her neighborhood — West Seattle, where the city’s founders first landed (they moved across Elliott Bay, to deeper anchorage, after only a few months). It’s not quite an island, but it feels like one. It’s a great place, and I was happy to agree, particularly since I’d long wanted to check out the C&P Coffee Company, a reportedly dog-friendly coffee house located in a tiny bungalow on California Ave., the backbone of West Seattle.

Sure enough, the coffee was excellent, the vibe was mellow, and no one turned a hair when I let Chloe out of her messenger bag to lie at our feet. No one turned a hair when I carried her around while bussing our dishes. There were no other dogs there during our visit, but my friend assured me that dogs are welcome. I didn’t ask the barista — the owner, perhaps? — who was a complete sweetheart, because I didn’t want to put him on the spot. While there’s no way that dogs can be officially welcome here, I’m grateful that C&P is willing to turn a blind eye. Chloe loved it, by the way. A patch of sun fell on her, under our table, and she snoozed contentedly.

Don't miss the gorgeous tile fireplace surround

While you’re in West Seattle, be sure to take a walk along Alki Beach. If you’re with your dog, you’ll need to keep her on a leash and stay on the sidewalk, but it’ll still be a fun time, with glorious views of downtown Seattle.

C&P Coffee House
5612 California Avenue S.W.
Seattle, WA 98136
T: 206-933-3125
Open Mon. to Fri. 6:30 am to 8 pm, Sat. and Sun. 7 am to 8 pm