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Photo Friday: Lunch, with Chloe, at Paris’s Le Pamphlet restaurant

I realize that this picture is blurry — we were trying to photograph Chloe without the wait staff and other diners noticing, so whenever the moment seemed right, my husband would throw his arm to the side and click the phone camera button blindly in Chloe’s general direction. Really, it’s a testament to his mad photography skillz that there’s a picture to share with you at all.

But look past the blurriness and notice that Chloe is inside a restaurant with us while we eat — and it was a very nice one, with excellent food and an elegant decor. It was such a pleasure to set out in the morning on a big walking expedition across Paris, knowing that at lunchtime we could simply bring Chloe in with us, eat, and continue on our way afterwards. No rushing back to the apartment to crate her during lunch, no anxious deployment of a stealth bag — what a delight!

Chloe (and my left arm) at Le Pamphlet, in the Upper Marais

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