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Archive for March, 2010

Hol-ee Roller: Great travel toy for a small dog

Photo by JW Pet Company

I’m always on the lookout for toys that travel well — in particular, ball-like toys that Chloe enjoys fetching but that don’t damage hotel room walls or make an unholy racket. In the past, I’ve told you about felted balls (with instructions for making them yourself!), but I’ve started to lose the love now that Chloe knows she can settle down with them and chew off loose bits of the felting.

Currently at the top of  … Read more

Which seat works best with an in-cabin dog? [Delta Embraer 145]

I’ve been posting the under-seat measurements of planes we’ve been traveling on, and I invited readers to add measurements if they found themselves on a plane with a tape measure and a willingness to fold themselves into a pretzel. Lovely reader Jen stepped up to the plate and sent me the following message about her recent trip on a Delta ERJ-145:

“Hello there. I thought I would share some measurements I took on a flight this week. It was  … Read more

Sleepypod Air giveaway: Show us your dog’s favorite toy!

Last Thursday I reviewed the Sleepypod Air pet carrier, and today I have the pleasure of offering an Air carrier to a Dog Jaunt reader! Many thanks to Sleepypod for making this giveaway possible.

Photo by Sleepypod

In my review, I called the Air carrier “outstanding” and “revolutionary” (I had some complaints too, but they were pretty minor). The carrier breaks new ground by giving you the option of shortening it from its normal length to either 19 inches or (with  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

Last week I told you about, a site that hooks you up with pet-friendly places to stay in the U.K., and this week I learned about another feature of the site: When you click on “Pet Friendly Accommodation” in the menu bar, you bring up not only a map but also a “featured accommodation” button. Right now, the featured property is the gloriously luxurious Milestone Hotel in London — you really have to read the post, because if I  … Read more

Photo Friday: Dog travel photos wanted!

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago while we were visiting my in-laws in Florida. It looks exotic, doesn’t it? (Those of you from Florida are shaking your heads, but believe me, to someone from the Pacific Northwest, this looks like a tropical paradise.) Chloe’s just seen HER FIRST EGRET and HER FIRST TURTLE, both STANDING ON A LOG in the MIDDLE OF A POND, and she’s had to lie down to recover from all the excitement.

Mostly I include  … Read more

Product review: Sleepypod Air pet carrier

This is an unpaid and unsolicited review of Sleepypod’s new Air pet carrier. Sleepypod sent me a carrier, at my request, to try out and review. The company has also generously given me a second, unused Air carrier to give away to one lucky reader. The giveaway will start on Monday, March 29th, and will be co-hosted by Dog Jaunt and by Edie Jarolim’s blog Will My Dog Hate Me. Check back on Monday to learn how to enter!

Sleepypod first  … Read more

Austin, TX public transit: No pet dogs allowed

I was reading last night about the many fun things to do in Austin, including grazing at the fabulous (and dog-friendly) Sunset Valley farmer’s market, and it reminded me to call Austin’s Capital Metro this morning to find out about their pet policy. Cap Metro operates buses, streetcars, and now a brand-new rail line in the Austin area, but two separate customer service representatives told me that only service dogs are allowed on board. [Since I first wrote this post,  … Read more

Chloe’s Closet: A fab warm-weather rain jacket

Chloe in the Red Skull raincoat

Back in November I described Chloe’s wardrobe, in case you wanted to know what jackets I’d found useful for her. She’s not a particularly fragile flower, but rain jackets are a big help in Seattle, and she also has a couple of coats for really cold weather. In that post, I mentioned that I was still looking for a rain jacket that Chloe could wear in warm weather, and I recently found one that  … Read more

Traveling by New Orleans public transit with a small dog

Photo by David Paul Ohmer

The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (“RTA” or “NORTA”) operates buses and streetcars in the cities of New Orleans and Kenner. The system was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina (flooding ruined dozens of vehicles, damaged tracks and other infrastructure, and made the RTA’s headquarters uninhabitable) but has been recovering. You will have to admire the RTA’s grit and determination from a distance, however, because only service dogs are allowed aboard its buses and streetcars. (I  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

This week’s Chloe’s Clicks is an assortment of miscellaneous items, so we’ll just bounce from one to the other and not hope for a theme. Let’s start in lovely Santa Cruz, CA. Last week I told you that the city’s downtown merchants were about to vote for/against lifting a long-standing dog ban, and this week the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that the vote went in favor of lifting the ban, with caveats: There will be a six-month trial period, no  … Read more