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Book review: It’s A Dog’s World — The Savvy Guide to Four-Legged Living

Somehow I got the (mistaken) idea that this new book by pet-lifestyle expert and animal rights advocate Wendy Diamond is all about traveling with your dog, so of course I snapped it up to review for you. It turns out that only Chapter 3 deals with dog travel — but it’s a useful, inspiring chapter, and I’m not a bit unhappy.

Generally speaking, It’s a Dog’s World is an upbeat book encouraging you to get off your duff and enjoy your dog’s company. Diamond suggests fun exercise alternatives and nudges you towards feeding your dog healthy meals, furnishing your home in a way both of you will enjoy, and choosing a healthy and sensible grooming routine. She devotes one chapter to pet-themed party-planning, another to doggy fashion, and a third — bless her heart — to traveling with your dog.

Although she’s clearly working with a different budget than most of the rest of us (her recommendation for a pet-friendly hotel in Paris, for example, is the divine but unaffordable Le Meurice), she’s such a sweetheart that you don’t, in fact, want to kill her. How can you not love a girl who ‘fesses up to slamming down pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? Despite Le Meurice, she’s a sister, and the advice she offers in this book is generally sensible and down-to-earth.

The first part of her chapter on traveling with a dog provides basic advice and suggestions — nothing particularly detailed, nothing I didn’t already know, nothing that isn’t already handled on Dog Jaunt. The second half, however, is a delight. Diamond lists several towns and cities in the U.S. and abroad and sketches out just the outlines of a pet-friendly visit to each — her getaways are pricey, but truly fun. For me, pages 50 to 60 were worth the price of the book. They do what Diamond does best — remind you that your dog is a wonderful companion, and point you towards activities that will make both of you happy.

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